Nov. 3rd, 2012

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Because the 1st of November is All Hallows and we have that day free, and the next moron who tries to raise the "Help, I'm Catholic and oppressed" card they are getting bitchslapped. Among the things we did was: Skyfall and Hamlet, the latter featuring plenty of our soaps' stars. A production made all the more hilarious because my reaction to the casting of Hamlet (before I learned who it was) was "please don't let it be this guy" and of course it was. He turned out to be great, and my dislike of him is fairly irrational (he's just everywhere these days). The other reason the production was hilarious was that Claudius was vulnerable and bimboistic, while Gertrude was cut-throat and unapologetic, so the whole thing could be greatly improved by the cast being swapped there. Polonius rocked and the ambiguously gay duo, AKA Rosencratz and Guildenstern were fabulous.

Now, regarding Skyfall: I thought the issue is simple: if you're a Bond fan, you might not enjoy it a whole lot. If, however, you are meh about Bond, you will think, as I did, it was the best Bond ever. Very beautiful in terms of scenery, adorable in terms of Q (Q-tie, you can see what they did there!) and Bond flirting back at Javier Bardem - priceless. Spoilers to follow. )
I genuinely enjoyed the movie, as I rarely enjoyed Bond movies. And now I must go to find the adaptation of Tempest in which Helen Mirren is Prospero.

Also, on the productivity front, we cleaned the apartment. It is superclean!


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