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I mentioned I have no tablet at the moment, which has the obvious consequence of there being no piccage*. So. I have the following problem: I need to purchase a Wacom tablet (haven't decided on the specifics yet), but have no money. The solution I had in mind is such: I can offer express commissions. This means I will be offering coloured sketches (I will have examples ready later today, tomorrow at the latest example below), at $10 (up to two characters with minimal background).

Question #1 is: would anyone be willing to support a poor artist?

Question #2 (this for the artist types): is it better to get an Intuos3 A6, or Graphire A5 (my old tablet is A5)? Opinion? Anyone?

* Long story short: my old tablet + a Mac = hardware error. Since I'm temporarily at home, I have the option of connecting it to a PC which does have Photoshop. The problem is, I am not sure about how long will I be home (though I won't be leaving any sooner than August), so it is important that I have a tablet that works. For me. And, I'm hoping, for you too.

info + example )

As I mentioned, I did manage to aquire a new tablet, but it's not fully paid off yet. Meaning, the commissions are still open, but I'm not taking any more requests at the moment. Once I'm finished with the ones I accepted so far, I will take on an extra batch, I don't know how many. A few people made reservations already, yay! I will post an announcement then.

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You're awesome guys. *huggles* Thank you very much.
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Gah, I am so late!

Anyways. I'm not very good at sending out cards, Christmas or otherwise. Trust me on this - me and card sending don't mix. So. Instead of Christmas cards, I'm offering up Christmas doodles. ^______^ Please comment if you wish to receive one. Specific prompts welcome. Can be persuaded to do Christmas drabbles instead.

So there it is. Applies to any fandom I vaguely know.

*returns to the window, to will the sky to give me snow*
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I've finally discovered the trick to not sleeping in. It's quite simply to not go to bed properly, but curl up under the fuzzy blanket half-clothed. *beams* Yay for simple solutions! I went to bed at 6.30 yesterday (that's six am!) and got up at 11, so I know it works. ^_____^ Shut up. 11 is early! *pokes out tongue*

Tesco here now has KubuĊ›, my favourite carrot-apple-raspberry to boot! *cheers*

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This fic took possession of my soul and refuses to let go. v____v And it's getting more disturbing by the minute.

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Nov. 16th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Lookit! )

I'm considering getting Corel Painter. I am also considering getting a new tablet. The one I have is good and does its job, but it sure as hell isn't a Wacom. Thing is, I can only get one or the other. *ponders* Hm. I should probably start by downloading the free demo version... I know I have a bunch of artists on my FList, does anyone have an opinion?

Hm. The mod person for the Saiyuki contest contacted me, and said that it's still on. But there's no mention of it whatsoever on the site. *hms*
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I'm facing reading week, which must be one of the most boring inventions known to mankind. Or studentkind, as it were.

Package did not arrive. Customsboys apparently are checking it for terrorist plans byte by byte. Good luck, you bastards!

*yawns* I seem to be living in a different time zone than the one I'm actually inhabiting. It's 2:45 am and I feel like it was 10 pm. My fault probably, but still.

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Halloween ended here, but I know some of you are still at it. I don't celebrate the holiday myself, but...

Trick or Treat? )

Drawn for [ profile] regina_sama.
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Damn, I know why I was so jittery these past few days. Not enough fruit and veggies. *inhales a bowlful of iceberg lettuce* Much, much better. *happy sigh* I also managed to finally get the laundry done! I'm feeling so damn accomplished.

I did manage to get that horror story finished. Somewhat. By the looks of it no one else is showing up in class tomorrow. Damn. Oh well, I might as well make an effort and show up.

And look! Even more Supernatural. )
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Alright, I watched the finale of last two dueSOUTH seasons, and I have just one question: is this series for real? o.O The ending is squeal-worthy though, I gotta say. :D And season three? "Excess lung capacity" my ass!

Also, Supernatural, season two! Spoilers. )

The contest art )

Gah, I'm supposed to be writing the horror story. I have until midnight and no bunnies come a'knocking. *headdesk*
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Had the Chinese class yesterday. Good grief, whatever possessed me to go there! It's insane! Four, scratch that, five ways of saying a syllable, and each changes the meaning. *dies* Should have stuck to German, at least that's something I can comprehend. x.X

On the bright side, had a nice chat with the guy sitting next too me, about drawing, manga and Final Fantasy. *beams*

Five Things About My Drawing )

That said, I found this: )

*scuttles back to Photoshop*

... I am not seriously writing the Jusenkyou Saiyuki fic, am I? x____X


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