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I still say first person point of view is damn hard to pull off, but it is not impossible. Case in point, Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Mark Weaver. A short novel about a kid who can walk between dimensions and joins an army dedicated to maintaining the balance between science and magic.

Of all the problems I had with the movie, Rue was pretty damn perfect )
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Have a Chronicles of Narnia/Merlin crossover! In which Edmund doesn't even register Merlin has a secret (because, duh?), Caspian exchanges hair-care tips with Gwaine and keeps having king-offs with Arthur and I have a feeling Edmund has angry sex with Morgana at some point. Because they can.For the love of crack. )
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Interestingly, I still have stuff to finish up for school. Odd. XD

Have some art, while I'm at it )

I'm off to Sopot for the weekend. Woot me!


May. 31st, 2011 09:09 pm
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So I had a pretty good birthday! Thank you all for the wishes. <3 We went bowling and got slightly drunk, which is always fun.

Now I need to go back to studying, exam session is upon me. Also? I make kickass spinach casserole. Yes I do.

So, is my brain one track, or is it? )
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I am 1k away from bringing up the total of the Casmund in-between 'verse to 100k. Yeah, I know, they are technically separate stories, but since AME is a direct consequence of OTBE it bloody well counts! (it does count, don't harsh my squee)


100,000 words of a single story, WOOT! It will be slightly over, altogether, as I've fifty pages left to edit (given the current rate it translates to another 5k).

sketchiness! )

My sister has a whee bit obsession with Merlin (actually Colin Morgan, who looks like he is the younger brother of Benedict Cumberbatch), which is quite possibly the least logical show in the history of ever. It is cute as all hell, though, even if they are running out of excuses to knock Arthur out for the duration of Merlin showing off. XD
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People not sick of Casmund yet, please raise your hands )

Time (and will) permitting I will do a "How I Did This" type of thing, as I have a heapload of wip shots. It was so much fun! Of course, immense amounts of frustration, too, as Pixelmator downright refuses to cooperate properly on images larger than ~1500x1500 px, and so I was forced to restart often and draw really, really sloooooowly.

In other news, stop the presses, call the president, Poland made an actual movie that didn't make me want to walk out of the theatre after fifteen minutes in disgust! It's called Suicide Room and is about as optimistic as the title suggests. Unlike most other Polish films I've seen recently (which aren't many) it's got a decent script (not without issues, mind, but hey, progress!), a protagonist who defines the woobie, and raw realism. Although if it is as realistic as people say (re: the youth of today), I would like to have both my young person and human card revoked, permanently.


Mar. 23rd, 2011 12:36 am
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I hate you, kudos button. Haaaaaate youuuuu. I mean, I love getting kudos and I love you guys for letting me know you liked the fic, but still, haaate youuu, kudos button. :( I mean, I would hate it a little less, except the comment box is feeling empty and is whining about it. STFU, whiner, no one likes whiners!

</ incoherency >

Have a Ben Barnes speedpainting. It's therapeutic )
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In my defence, the fic does include Quantum Island. Or Schrödinger's Island, or something. So yeah, totally counts as particle physics study time. XD

Boy, do I need a better brain, or what )

If anyone's interested, the fic is finished now (was 19k when I finished typing, then randomly jumped to 22k when I reread it -- I swear I didn't add more than 200 words at a time, so I remain baffled).
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Balloons is now with the beta. :> I have many enjoyments from this fact.

Everything is better in chipmunk )
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So, I am trudging through the Sherlock kink meme (which could give the vanilla plant a run for its money in terms of being vanilla), so clearly thinking about Sherlock, and the process went thusly: Sherlock-cheekbones-evil-mmm, cheekbones-waaaait a gosh darned minute...

And so Cannot unsee! (it's a good thing, mind) )

In short: please, please, BBC, while you're being awesome?


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