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Further thoughts on the writing thing: it realy is a good idea to let a story breathe for about a month before editing. I should start doing it.

Forgot what was I about )


Dec. 19th, 2010 01:59 am
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Wrong one, it would seem, as it was Star Trek I was rewatching today. Still... Nerd alert!

You betcha it would make a fine story! )

In related news, [profile] eyes_of_shinigami, get crackin' on you-know-what. *evil eyebrow waggle* You know you waaaaannaaaaa. >:)
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WOOT!! Finally I moved! The connection seems stable and everything seems fine. :) My desk will take another week, but it will be here soon.

I've just seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I was rather impressed. )

I like autumn )
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Woot, I doodle! )

Balloons is testing out new writing software, let's see how that goes. It's currently 35k and 11 full chapters, I think.

BBC has went and redone Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century, and it is AWESOME. SQUEEE! The new Sherlock is fantastic, a high-functioning sociopath, twelve when something excites him and a total alien. Moffat has a thing for long faces, doesn't he? The first episode is wonderful, fast-paced, catering to the fangirl population, sweet and Sherlock, most of all, is brilliant. Dr Watson is not bad either, smart, in awe, and stepping up to his moral compass role. <3

Hm, I keep wondering, is Harry really Harriet? Or was it just Watson messing with Holmes?

Sigh. Too bad they're only making three episodes (each over 90 minutes long, so yay!). On the bright side, it won't have the time to go bad, and they didn't slam the door on it, so let's keep our fingers crossed!


Jun. 11th, 2010 11:54 pm
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My thesis supervisor pissed me off today. >:(

Balloons has art now! )

Goku and Dug. Bit of a spoiler, I suppose, but oh well. :D
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Doodletasticness, ahoy!

If the Sanzo party were girls! )

Because [ profile] pandawolf was wondering about how would they look. :> Hakkai is busy changing, or helping Hakuryuu lay eggs, or something. Possibly cooking.

Had a yoyo day. Physics test went okay, probability was a disaster (retaking on Tuesday), but then chemistry totally lifted my spirits, I rocked out the test (B+!) then I ruled the lab - synthetising menton, FTW!

Also, for those of you who haven't heard: Supernatural will be an anime. No, I am not kidding.

HTYD has an awesome soundtrack. It shouldn't be a surprise, seeing as how the movie is a string of Crowning Moments of Awesome.
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So... anyone in need of a feral plot bunny? Yes, I know I've just posted a poll with two in the making, shuddup.

I am not responsible for the time lost on TVTropes )

[ profile] eyesofshinigami, I'm looking at you!
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The warm and fuzzy feelings are dedicated to [ profile] yami_tai. Thank you sweety! <3

Proceed with caution )

Yes, so anyone of you who is shocked, raise your hands. *crickets* Yeah, thought as much.
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Hm... I think this may be my first post of 2010!

So, what's new? I pretty much passed chemistry (not the exam yet), though am considering retaking the test, to get a better overall grade. I've got straight As for the lab exercises, but Cs for the test, which unfortunately count towards 66% of the grade. :(

Much as I love Photoshop, it's not the most computer-friendly graphic software. I have been testing Seashore, which is usable, but only a step above Paint. Now, if anyone has any recommendation, I would love to hear them. I need software (preferably free) that reacts to pen pressure, has layers (though I'm flexible about that) and most importantly works on a Mac. I tried ChocoFlop, too, and it looks pretty good, though it is just a preview and works kinda weird.

Testing graphic software )
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what's the word for one-track mind? )

Chemistry drama, part the whichevereth: yet another test, which I hope to pass by being me. Buahahaha.


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