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I mentioned I have no tablet at the moment, which has the obvious consequence of there being no piccage*. So. I have the following problem: I need to purchase a Wacom tablet (haven't decided on the specifics yet), but have no money. The solution I had in mind is such: I can offer express commissions. This means I will be offering coloured sketches (I will have examples ready later today, tomorrow at the latest example below), at $10 (up to two characters with minimal background).

Question #1 is: would anyone be willing to support a poor artist?

Question #2 (this for the artist types): is it better to get an Intuos3 A6, or Graphire A5 (my old tablet is A5)? Opinion? Anyone?

* Long story short: my old tablet + a Mac = hardware error. Since I'm temporarily at home, I have the option of connecting it to a PC which does have Photoshop. The problem is, I am not sure about how long will I be home (though I won't be leaving any sooner than August), so it is important that I have a tablet that works. For me. And, I'm hoping, for you too.

info + example )

As I mentioned, I did manage to aquire a new tablet, but it's not fully paid off yet. Meaning, the commissions are still open, but I'm not taking any more requests at the moment. Once I'm finished with the ones I accepted so far, I will take on an extra batch, I don't know how many. A few people made reservations already, yay! I will post an announcement then.

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You're awesome guys. *huggles* Thank you very much.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 09:21 pm
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For [ profile] clueless_psycho:
Ran and Crawford under a tree  )

Fore [ profile] yanagi_wa
Wufei with a rope dart )

Milliardo )

Also, for [ profile] seraphim_grace, a very late commission of Ran and a rose:
Pretty colours! )
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Both images commissioned by [ profile] spellhorn, and were supposed to be illustrations for [ profile] merula31's fics.

1x2 piccage hidden here )


Jul. 15th, 2007 11:25 am
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Kyou and Tohru for Merith )

39 for SWLover )

Roy and Ed for SWLover )

To my surprise, it's not so much that I have a problem with managing the time, but rather that I am too dead during the week to try and colour anything. XD Too much time in front of a computer.
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I finished the first piccies! Of course, then the weekend ended. *sulk* It was quite busy, since Grandma had to be visited in he hospital (she is getting better, FYI) and now there's even less time.

13x5 for Michalyn )

39 for EoS )

*is now dead*
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Whew, I think I'm over the Photoshop issue. Mostly. Of course now I have this sudden urge to do Supernatural fanart, so obviously will be cursing up a storm in a minute, but okay.

... why do always I have a gazillion started projects? I fail. Seriously, I fail.

Preventer angst )

Stupid coursework requires attention now. Want to shoot myself. GAH.

As usual, wanted to say something, but totally forgot what I wanted to say. Oh! I remember! I was at Kat's over the weekend and got to RP Dungeons and Dragons. It was fun!
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*squints* I'm having Issues. And I don't like it much. Issues with Photoshop, to be specific. I can't seem to find the appropriate balance between anime and painting, which bugs the hell outta me, cause, hello, anime fangirl here. I want to paint, but anime fanart kinda requires a certain degree of sticking to the lines. Am always bugged by anime art that doesn't resemble canon much. Translation = I'm in major, major artistic pain. And [ profile] ravensilver suffers for it. I'm sorry, hun!

Case in Point )

Now, I'm quite happy with how this picture turned out. Not very complicated, but made me happy. I think I might be getting the hang of the painting thing. Something's still missing, but we live and improve.
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I got into my Photobucket account to find out that one of my GW fanart pictures violated terms of service. Uh. Funny that. It wasn't particularly risque. Now granted, no clothes are involved, but still. Hello, this is me? Ms Nothing-That-Requires-An-18-Tag?

Sheesh. I hope they don't go deleting my account, I damn well need it.

Now I know why people fear clowns )

Who will be the first to say 'Keiran, do not watch movies/TV/read books ever again' )

Also. dueSouth fics? Damn addictive. If I ever have go to Ficcers Annonymous, I know what I'll do. I'll buy everyone a drink and say: "Sponsored by the person solely responsible for my addictions: [ profile] yami_tai." *grins*
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I think we're being coddled a tad too much, us students. What are they afraid of, a lawsuit? It took some insistence to get my tutor to muster up the courage to rip the piece I wrote to shreds (my heart!! *gasps*), but damn, I bloody well want it! How the hell am I supposed to work with "that's really nice"?

Today's session was on horror, and for some reason the guy managed to freak me out by talking about writing horror stories. Apparently, there is a guy who wrote a short story so gory and disgusting, that he's keeping count of how many people would faint while he's reading it. o.O On an also weird note, I got an email from one of my mates. She won't attend classes until we're done with horror, cause she's Christian. If you failed to notice the causality in the sentence, we're in the same boat.

Also! Tomorrow I'm going to see [ profile] yami_tai! *beams*

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night )


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