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Spiderman 3 was quite good. I loved Harry and Eddy. "Dear God, please kill Peter Parker. I have been Very Nice this year. Love, Eddy." Bunch of things I found annoying, but overall it was okay. ^_____^

For [ profile] wildannuette. This fandom is hard to write!

Five times Simon thought of Serenity as home )
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For [ profile] theotherdigit, sci-fi, action and interracial slash!

Proceed to the evacuation pods. )
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I've officially given up on pretending to be diurnal. And my current schedule is not helping in the least. So yeah, it's now half-four and I'm typing away. Pff.

I got my Chinese test back, and yay! Nearly a hundred percent, joy! And the text I wrote out in Chinese characters, just for kicks, was quite correct, apart from some minor mistakes, like consistent use of the wrong character for possessive pronoun. But I'm told it's okay, since most Chinese people who weren't educated much make that mistake too. Score for me!

Ah. Hakkai is being psychotic. Also people are being killed. Just a friendly warning.

Ain't Coming Back, part 5 )

Yay, I'm now overenthusiastic about Mandarin: bonus for Firefly fans. Swearing )

Chinese characters are so very pretty. ^_______^

Le joy!

Dec. 15th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Going home on Sunday, wheeeee!

I got the Christmas cards [ profile] hellfire_angel and [ profile] yami_tai, thank you!

[ profile] solanum_d there's no way around it, the customs boys have stolen the package again. Stupid subtext hogging customs boys. GET A ROOM, WILLYA?!

Ain't Coming Back, part 4 )
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Funny thing happened recently. I was writing this story and I couldn't seem to stop. I usually have trouble with breaking 3K and the story ended up being just short of 13. It's a lousy time to lose the ability to write short stories, seeing as I've to submit the C&CW coursework next week. x_________X

I had something to say, but I completely forgot what it was. Damn. While I try to remember, please enjoy the ficcy.

Ain't Coming Back, part 3 )
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My C&CW assignment:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,269 / 3,500

I'm allowed to be within 10% of the word limit, either way. Meaning, there's editing to be done. Meaning: helloooooo footnotes. *grins* At least I'm done plot-wise. I hope. o.O

Ain't Coming Back, part 2 )
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I still find the food labelling industry ridiculous, but the percentage of chicken in chicken worries me. No really, it does. *sigh*

Suddenly I need to recall every romance novel I have read. I haven't read many, so I can recall them quite well, but sadly without authors and/or titles. Damn.

Every single time I walked into a library, I've always seen the Serenity novelisation. Except for the last three times, when I was looking for it. *growls* I hate it what that happens. I shall have to make do with Slaughterhouse #5.

Ain't Coming Back, part 1 )
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The LJ Talk was screwing with my PC, and it wouldn't even start!

... If SFD doesn't get its collective ass in gear soon, I'll be in serious trouble. Fuck.

Also, may I please ask the customs people to just copy the damn CDs, instead of watching them one by one, and send the originals to me? Thank you.

My recent bout of insanity, in ficlet form )

Some casting is obvious, some not so, but I'm sure it won't be tough to guess. ^____^ You can tell I have a dozen backstories thought out already, can't you?
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Stuff to do:

* read Tamburlaine the sequel.
* read the RPS that is Edward II.
* keep ignoring the Faerie Queene.
* write a horror story that isn't mostly a romantic comedy and doesn't make people laugh. Granted, the people in question loved it so much they stole my copy, but still.
* one word: coursework.
* one word: art.
* the story from hell is demanding attention again.
* find out just why the LJ Talk Gizmo defeated me. Kick its ass and make it work.

I realise I am spoiling myself by reading Supernatural episode summaries on IMDB, but what the hell. I am thinking the writers for the show finally realised the neon-coloured "fuck me now" tattoo on Dean's forehead is more visible when he's angsty. Can't say I'm complaining. *evil grin*

Why people can't take me seriously, or My Horror Story )


Oct. 10th, 2006 11:06 pm
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Am I magnet for kitchen-impaired people? Maybe there's something in the huge "DO NOT PUT RUBBISH IN THIS BIN" sign that I'm missing, cause to me it seems like, you know, you're not supposed to put rubbish in it. *shakes head*

Chinese is fun. ^_____^ Creepy and crazy, but so much fun! Marlowe is, to my surprise, a somewhat more approachable than Shakespeare. I was worried after last year's Jonson, but my fears were unfounded. *beams*

Wheee, here's the ficcy!

It started with a splash. )


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