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To anyone who is reading Fireflies and Silk, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I am rewriting it, from start to finish. The world I shaped around the OTP grew and now it wants me to expand it and there are so many things I want to include. The bad news is, the original plan that made the story an OTP fic has evolved, taking the characters with it. So here is the bad news: the fic will be rewritten as an original. I will happily share with anyone who would be willing to read it once it is done, and you will probably hear progress reports from time to time, but far as the Sanzo/Goku fanfic is concerned, this is it. I'm not saying the FnS fanfic will remain unfinished forever, because I will try, but, well, it will not have a happy ending.

PS. in case anyone was wondering - this announcement applies only to Fireflies and Silk, I have no intention of giving up fanfiction altogether. I have a couple 39 bunnies lined up, so have no fear. :)
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I've started watching Bones and I can't stop. :)

Am preparing for the second camp, I'm going on Monday. This time it's an adventure camp, with climbing and such, for kids aged 13-18, and I'll be handling the counsellor job along with being an English teacher. Still trying to figure what exactly am I gonna teach, but hey. I improvise. <3

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Jun. 27th, 2008 10:59 pm
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Hm... I kind of don't like where this fic is headed. I want to, I do, but it seems like there's just no happy ending in sight.

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I'm 99% sure I passed the Bible quiz. The one about finding given verses in the Bible. It was relatively easy, I thought, I even found the verses from the books I didn't read. Granted, one had a female protagonist so it wasn't like I had plenty to choose from, and the other had odd names, so I had limited possibilities, but it still counts!

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Also saw Prince Caspian trailer and OMGWTF PRINCE CASPIAN. Will so be first in line to watch that. Unless they dub it, in which case I will steal a copy.

Also, even though I know everyone is bored to death already: FIREFLY SO AWESOME. God! I watch it and rewatch it and watch it again and it's just never getting old!

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This concludes part 2.
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Will now impose a normal, diurnal schedule on self, before school starts again. :D Yeah, right.

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We made sushi today! Including surprise sesame rice balls. ^______^ Then we had wine and watched LotR: RotK, disc one. All in all, a lazy Saturday. Yay for those!

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It's been a good week - a free Thursday is always welcome, since it means no psychology. Yay! We also had most of Tuesday free, which is also yay. And finally they managed to sort the mess with our index cards, meaning I can now borrow stuff from libraries. Double yay!

Triple yay: I found out what happened to the comicbook store that used to be on the train station. It was moved a street back and into a yard. Seriously, finding it, such a chore. On the bright side, so much stuff to drool over! Which brings me to the question: There is a picture, in the red Backgammon artbook, of Sanzo dancing with the Nyoi-bo. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's a cell shaded pic, with Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku close-ups and Sanzo in the middle, pole-dancing.

Also: Love, Actually = best Christmas movie.

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Hm. Strangely enough, Lappie is now spellchecking the words I type into the LJ Update field. I never bothered with spellchecking my posts (excepting the fics of course) and now it just happens as I go. Curious, but not unwelcome.

Now for the spoiling of the FList: crap, this damn thing is growing. Everything has a backstory now. x.X

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Tomorrow we have the much feared Bible test. We're gonna get several random quotes from the book (Genesis to Ruth) and we will have to locate it. GAH. I am currently looking for a good synopsis and listening to Exodus online. -_____-'

I spent much of psychology and introduction to philosophy writing the story I planned on doing for NaNo. I must start writing it out for real. XDD

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I'm not doing NaNo, in the end. Mostly because I was a moron and completely forgot about it. XD I need to get better organizational skills. Is anyone holding a garage sale, by any chance?

One other thing I need to do, is start reading the Bible. I have to read until the book of Ruth before the 16th, so I'd better get started, but I can't bring myself to do it. Not a fun reading, that.

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