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Spiderman 3 was quite good. I loved Harry and Eddy. "Dear God, please kill Peter Parker. I have been Very Nice this year. Love, Eddy." Bunch of things I found annoying, but overall it was okay. ^_____^

For [ profile] wildannuette. This fandom is hard to write!

Five times Simon thought of Serenity as home )
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Daaaamn. I really hate my sleeping patterns. I fail at sleeping.

Thank heavens for Em! Wheeeee, Supernatural season two!

In other news, essay went... weird. I suppose it happens, when you get a handful of words to explain a concept as broad as the blueness of the sky. Here's hoping.

More exciting news, [ profile] kispexi2_2 wrote a fun-tastic Saiyuki/Firefly crossover. Seriously. Sanzo and Mal on one ship. And she does the Firefly 'verse so awesomely, you know you want to check it out. Because, well, "too gorram pretty to die" says it all.

Since she said it was supposed to be a one-shot, I of course went and did this: Fruity, oaty bars! )

Ain't Coming Back, part 9 )
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I'm facing reading week, which must be one of the most boring inventions known to mankind. Or studentkind, as it were.

Package did not arrive. Customsboys apparently are checking it for terrorist plans byte by byte. Good luck, you bastards!

*yawns* I seem to be living in a different time zone than the one I'm actually inhabiting. It's 2:45 am and I feel like it was 10 pm. My fault probably, but still.

Dangerous, unstable. Shiny! )

Good news!

May. 23rd, 2006 12:29 pm
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First off, [ profile] wildannuette the Firefly request has been fulfilled, and it is perfect! Read it here.

Also. I finally managed to write the Saiyuki drabble you wanted, [ profile] regina_sama. It's a tad on the gen side, but still cute. *grins*

Presumably )

And, as a bonus, a Supernatural drabble.

Almost As Good )

Only three more days till the X-men premiere! *cheers*


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