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Harry Potter movie #5: I thought it was rather bad. I watched it twice, and while the original version is superior to the dub, the whole thing is pretty pointless. It doesn't help that OotP is my least favourite HP book, and the movie requires that you know the story well, or else you see nothing but a long trailer. It was pretty shiny and the Patronuses were nice. I liked Luna (Luna pwned. I'm hungry. I hope there's pudding) and Bellatrix (I killed Sirius Blaaaaack), but that's just about it. No, wait. There were also Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman (... Obviously). Fred&George, now there's a shame. They were a thing of brilliance in PoA and great in GoF, here they were there.

I forgot what else was it that I wanted to say. o.O

We've had a massive storm few days ago and our router fried. Since our neighbour was renovating his house and switching the 'net off for the day (8 am - 8 pm), we didn't notice. Yesterday I was all set to go and fry him, with torches and tridents. Luckily, he came over and fixed it. ^______^

Funnies: I tried to start up a blog on, for the occasional comment about current affairs. The politics around here are something special, and unfortunately it's not the same venting in front of you guys. Truth be told one of the reasons I tried was that while I browse those blogs the majority of them are hideous. I wanted to see if it's the service that botches things up. It turns out the service is reasonable (not LJ, but they have a decent settings' page - few layouts, but easy to manipulate the options. On the downside, a pain for the webmavens, since it's all very limited), but incompatible with a Mac. Sulk. And I don't want another LJ account. I'd confuse myself.

Which brings me to the whole LJ Banning issue, which I largely missed. I'm fairly certain I'm gonna keep ignoring it. S'all. Not planning to go anyway. Fics I post on, pics are all on Photobucket (and maybe, one day, on a website...), so there.

Same ol'

Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:45 pm
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Emo whining, feel free to ignore )

Obligatory Harry Potter news SPOILERS )

General update: for the commissions, I have six sketches ready to be coloured, I hope to finish at least half tomorrow and all of them before Thursday (leaving for a week Thursday night). Please poke me.

I need to apologise to anyone I promised a fic a while back. They will be written, but it might be a while. I am sorry for that. Coming up with one-shots is a hit and miss process for me, and I am focusing on the commissions and finishing ACB. Which is the final piece of news: ACB 15 is about 75% done.
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I was most emotional when they showed the Narnia trailer. Other than that, I liked it.

I loved Neville. Ginny too, although she barely spoke a word. Ron was born to whine, it seems. The logic of having magic strong enough to warp space and defy the fundamental rule of chemical reactions (mass of the components = mass of product, unless conjuring things out of thin air is merely transporting them from somewhere else), but unable to alter things such as fabric still escapes me. So does the mentality of teenage boys, but let's not go there. Seriously, I understand the need for money, but really. They can change teapots into rats and still wear patched clothes. *shakes head*

HP GoF movie. Mildly spoiler-ish. )

Random thought about Narnia: I know I'm picking on details here, but didn't Jadis have black hair?

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I am deeply impressed with the work Rowling's done with HBP. I am slightly disgruntled that Ron didn't die though... But since it is, formally, still a book for kids, I really wasn't expecting it. I loved the humour bits though.

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