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I have an inane talent to DL movies with French subs. I did it with Saiyuki Requiem and now with FMA movie. *le sigh*

I wanted to say something, but as usual, when I have a nice long rant all laid out in my head, I manage to a/ resolve b/ forget c/ both it before I sit down and start typing. I sure hope no one ever does anything particularly harmful to me, cause I am just as capable of holding a grudge as I am of walking on water.

Hellfire, part 8. In which the nature of Hell is explained )

This would be the end, for real this time. Unless I've forgotten something. *ponders*
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WOOOHOOO!! Saiyuki volume 3!!! Lovely surprise, thank you Waneko! Granted, I still have a bone to pick with you about the general aesthetics of the fonts and the minor issues of translation, but thank you anyways. <3

Hellfire, part 7. In which the Devil does not, in fact, wear Prada )
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I love using religion in my fics. Even though I tend to scare people with my views, like I did with our captain during the sailing trip. I've had wine and then a beer (which speaks volumes, seeing as I cannot swallow a beer unless I'm drunk), and he was a good *fingers twitch* Catholic boy. *grins* I scared him good. I bet he was deathly afraid when the storm broke out later.

I'm not leaving you with that cliffie! Aren't you happy? I'll be disappearing for about a week tomorrow. *grins*

Hellfire, part 6. In which much is discussed )

edit: They are making His Dark Materials movies. The first is coming out in 2007, apparently. I wonder how much of the plot will be left, when they wash out the religious stuff to placate Hollywood.

If you need me, I'll be sulking in the corner.
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The Promise is the mother of all bad movies. Except for Nicholas Tse, who was pretty, and psychopathic. He killed people with paper fans. Other than him though, the movie has nothing that makes it worth watching.

The Matador on the other hand, is funny without being embarrassing. It could use emphasis and punchline, but it's good.

Yes, I had a productive weekend, why do you ask? I went to Gdynia with Nasty Little Brat and we had quite a good time. We learned the recipe for a cool drink (Mohito! Rum, lime, mint, some water, tonic and cane sugar) and spent 24 hours on a train, in a span of four days. It was fun. ^___^

Okay! This is what I wanted to leave you with for the weekend, but I didn't manage to finish.

Hellfire, part 5. The end. )
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I've been rewatching LotR today. I've ranted about how they screwed up the Army of the Dead thing in the extended edition, haven't I? I like the theatrical release much better. *sulks*

Anyway, since it seems to be a day for funnies. You've most likely seen it, but I'm slow on the uptake:
"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Easter Egg from TTT: Gollum gets the MTV movie award.

Hellfire, part 4. In which some questions are answered )

Cookies if you know who the guest star is!
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For some reason, I cannot access my Yahoo mailbox. It's weird, cause my sister has no problem with hers. x.X Frustrating!!

Better type it all up, before it vanishes! *hurries*

Hellfire, part 3. In which Heero actually learns something )


Jul. 22nd, 2006 11:27 pm
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Today is a good day to spam my FList. *beams* And, as per usual I seem to have an idea where this is going, woohoo.

Hellfire, part 2. In which Heero is instructed to fear the pea soup )
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I've recently been poked fun at, for using big words. Like "aversion". Or "perception". I was a little put off. I mean, the guy was pretty much German, bilingual but German essentially (which is to say that German was his mothertongue).

So, uh. Do I?

So, I've watched Constantine... )


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