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Been sleeping my head off these past two days. Am rather enjoying it too. *grins* I realised along the way that Freecell is a cool game, and so is this: no Kangaroos were harmed in making of this game.

And yay for a 100 icon slots! *enjoys all the icons she can load now*

Independent Variable, part 8 )

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*ponders* Well, this is going well. Not for Heero though.

Turned out yesterday that a part of the Write for Life module is rescheduled for Friday morning, and only two hours instead of three, because some genius gave the tutor two different classes at the same time. *headdesk*

Independent Variable, part 7 )

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You know the "Flying Car" video everyone watched recently? This girl on thought it would make a hilarious Heero/Duo conversation. So she promptly wrote down everything that was said in the video and posted it as a story. *shakes head* She did have enough decency to mention she is not the author of the dialogue underneath, but what difference does it make?

Honestly. I mean, it's one thing to insert a copied dialogue as a tribute to the original author into a story, but this is plainly ridiculous.

Uni news: the Grand Narratives is probably the best module I've taken so far. Even the Bible is actually quite interesting, when considered as a literary text.

edit: I totally forgot - I made a bunch of Narnia icons, should anyone be interested.

Oh yeah. I should probably warn you all that there's a strongly implied 1xR happening in here. *hides* The title of the post is a coincidence, I swear!

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Message to my hallmates: look, if you want to use my stuff, be my guest and help yourself. But please do wash it afterwards. I kinda have to cook too. kthxbye.

Apparently it's compulsory for me to go to a theatre for a Shakespeare performance, which is not exactly the cheapest thing on the planet, considering the travel costs. Am hesitating between Hamlet and Midsummer Night's Dream.

I think I know where this one is going (insert shock here).

Independent Variable, part 5 )


Jan. 22nd, 2006 03:17 pm
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I swear I was a cat in a past life. I could nap and nap and nap and nap... *yawns*

So, I wake up at 7 am this morning, get up, march to the train station, get to Richmond, and find out the boss is not there. Um. Okay. I call him two times, he doesn't pick up. I wait for an hour, he doesn't show up. I give up (luckily, another guy let my into the lobby, or I would be cold and very annoyed) and get back to the station. On the train, just outside Staines, boss calls. Apparently he overslept. *dies*

On the plus side, with all the free time I could work on this a little:

Independent Variable, part 4. )

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We tried, me and [ profile] etiunis to bake Saiyuki-shaped gingerbread men. We failed. But it was rather amusing. And yay, I bought Saiyuki manga volume one! It was issued here, I can barely believe it!

Gotta run, have to make breakfast for sister tomorrow. *yawns in advance*

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