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the universe has conspired and is plotting in my favour. Buahahaha, fear me, puny mortals. Of course, that means that I need to save a small country from destruction later on in life, to balance the karmic scales, but that's cool. I can work with that. Saving, taking over, it's all the same for some small countries.

I have passed the physics exam, apparently with an A (beats me how, I was only able to answer with the general idea. Maybe they were impressed with my cleavage) and it was implied I was pretty much accepted for a BS physics course. Snicker. This is due to many factors, not the least of which being the lack of people interested, but still. Me and physics. Snicker2.

In other news, I have finally realised my life-long dream of making Spider Pig my ring tone. Now if I could only find a D'OH .mp3 for the text messages, I'd be set. :) New phone FTW! Needs some touchups, namely a .pdf reader, but is overall shiny shiny nice. ^_____^
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You know, it is mildly amusing that googling myself yields tons of Playboy-type photos and underwear and stuff. It's actually quite hilarious when family start teasing me about the nude shoot in some-or-other magazine. I don't even mind that it's making me afraid of Facebook, because all those people randomly trying to marry me? Get a life, seriously. But when it turns out she actually dated Jensen Ackles, that's the time when I start looking for a religion or therapy, because it's either that god has a sense of humour or the universe is determined to make me choke to death on my own laughter.

The reason this is funny, for those of you that don't know, is because that is my full RL name. YA RLY. And I have a history of meeting people with the same surname as mine (which isn't crazy common), and as if that wasn't enough, first day in first grade, the teacher had to blink because she thought someone made a mistake and entered the name twice in a row in the register. They didn't.
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You would think that in a country where snow is a yearly occurrence, and seeing frosty lawns in April raises an eyebrow, at most, the public railway would figure out how to make their trains not run an hour late. Just saying. Also, what's up with the twenty-minute wait two hundred meters from the station? Seriously?

Sigh. I'm supposed to be writing two essays right now, so of course I dove straight into SPN RPS. Because the season four gag reel with Sam&Dean making out as welcome back from hell scene? People would storm the stores to own those DVDs.

Also, there need to be more Supernatural/High School Musical crossovers. YA SRSLY. Because Sharpay chopping off a head of Edward Cullen with a machete is an image awesome enough, but Dean doing Twinkle Town? That is chocolate covered in genuine golden dust and rolled in coffee-and-liquor-cream.
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So. Yeah. Whose bright idea was it to make a day last 24 hours only? There so much to be done! It doesn't help that the uni people think it's a good idea to have everything just before Christmas. Hello! Who is thinking about school, at Christmas?

Yes, I am totally whining now because I slept through the weekend and now have three texts to prepare for tomorrow. Shut up. X.x I am totally not procrastinating right now.

I have a dozen .psd files to work on and the bunnies just keep coming, so seriously, STFU, world. Why can't I have inspiration in small doses? Like, oh hey, here's a novel idea, ONE AT A TIME? On the bright side, I have rediscovered the joys of coloured pencils. ^______^ I also acquired an application which can capture video from the screen, so if all goes well I might be able to share my painting process. Maybe. If it works. o.O So far it managed to die, which is altogether not so brilliant, but, hey, whatever. I can try.

I need to get on with editing my NaNo, which I haven't touched since I hit the magic 50k. I also need to finish the other SPN fic, the one in which Castiel discovers time travel and weed&mushrooms is not such a good idea. I also have the burning need to see the Winchester brothers visit Lux. Just to see them squirm. XD


Nov. 11th, 2008 11:29 pm
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18,002 / 50,000 - 36% done!

So obviously NaNo is doing well, if I'm still a touch behind. I've ran into a slight timeline complication, which shouldn't be too hard to resolve, I'm hoping. What's a few months here and there?

I returned from Prague, which on Saturday was pretty, but mostly wet. We visited Hradcany and the castle, though missed seeing the Golden Lane, for reasons I can't quite recall. We might have been hungry and fed up with the rain. XD

Sunday was gorgeous though, sun and blue sky and all around joy. We went to Josefov, which is the Jewish part of Prague, which made me very happy we didn't go on Saturday because frankly, visiting the Pinkas synagogue was just a little less depressing than Auschwitz. Almost 80,000 names of Jews murdered during the Second World War written on the walls and a gallery of pictures painted by children in Terezin. Way to sucker-punch a person.

The old cemetery was beautiful though.
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I am never drinking again. XD

I went to this house party yesterday, got so wasted I do believe I actually puked in someone's kitchen sink - I'm pretty sure I cleaned it up, so I'm hoping they won't remember me with much gnashing of teeth or anything. Bottom line - I knew this much drinking wasn't fun. Why does anyone do it is beyond me.

Also, apparently I was supposed to be somewhere today at 8 am. Pfff. Fat chance of that happening.

Supernatural 04.06, woah, fantastic! )
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The moving didn't exactly go as planned. In fact, it didn't go at all. The flat wasn't ready yet, so I ended up staying at home for two more days. This might coincide with my studies, just a tad, but I figure I can manage without those two days, especially since there's nothing on Friday anyway. That's something, at least.

On the plus side, I got UFO-green bedding, with swirlies.

We shall see if I manage to wing it. I probably will, because hey, at worst I'm looking at two lectures and a seminar. At worst. And maybe an organisational meeting.

In other news, I started reading an RPS fic, here. It's J2. I am boggled, really, as to why, but it is adorkable. ^_____^

Speaking of SPN, [ profile] cliathain wrote a Supernatural/Saiyuki crossover, which is all kinds of shiny. Go here and tell her it needs continuation. XD


Aug. 28th, 2008 09:34 pm
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*stretches* I have spent the past few hours making a piggy costume. Do not ask. XD

... like you need to. I'll tell you anyway. I'm off for a post-season party the travel agency is organising for the counsellors. It requires that I travel all the way up to the coast, on the other side of the country, as that's where the agency is based. But hey, it's an occasion to get wasted in a silly costume, which means of course I'm all over it. The party tomorrow night has ZOO as the theme, hence my decision to dress up as a piggy, the reasoning behind which should be obvious to most of you. I really need to get some photos, plus photos from the camps, but knowing me, that will take forever, as camera is not functional at the moment.

In other news, I picked up a prompt from [ profile] orphan_prompts, and it's coming along nicely. ^_____^ Am pretty pleased.

Little news on Operation: New University. The last guy I talked to only said that first I need to come in for the interview, he'll decide later whether to accept me. Which is not altogether uplifting, but what can you do. Sigh.


Aug. 24th, 2008 12:53 pm
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Yay, now it's over and done with! ^_____^ So happy to be back home.

The last two weeks were interesting. One of my kids had twisted her neck, which turned out to be not as serious as it initially looked. She'll have headaches for a while, and she has to wear a not-so-pretty collar, but she'll be perfectly fine. I got an ambulance ride out of it, with the siren. And a pretty cool drive through a wood on the back ladder of a jeep. If I wasn't scared out of my mind, it would have been pretty cool. <3

In other news, I had to go into the cave again, the one I got stuck in the first time. This time I managed no problem, but it was pretty nerve-wrecking, with my claustrophobia. My knees are a little bruised, but otherwise okay. Also, when it comes to schizes, I was asked on Thursday to go with one other counsellor into the forest around 9 pm and get to a cave some three miles away, in which I have been once before, with a huge group. And about halfway in our only flashlight died. We were left with only with mobile phones and a camera to light our way. Later it turned out we found the cave no problem, except because we had no flashlights we didn't know it. So we sat down, a little further, and waited with our hearts in our throats, until we were rescued. XD

It's been a fun four weeks, altogether, though I missed you guys terribly. <3
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So, I got off the bus that brought me home, and then went to print out a stack of papers I will be needing Monday morning, when I'll be taking a bunch of kids to the camp, again. Which means I have to do laundry today. Drat.

I had tons of fun, including but not limited to zorbing (huge plastic ball you are strapped into and rolled around) getting my butt stuck in a cave (not funny at all) and supervising ten year olds, who think dry humping is the greatest thing ever. Joy.

The English part didn't go so great. It turned out that not only were the kids significantly younger than I expected (they were about 11, I was expecting mid-teens) they didn't know much English and, worst of all, they didn't particularly care to learn. Which sucked for me, in terms of making them learn.

It was less exhausting than the previous one, surprisingly.


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