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Nov. 16th, 2006 08:12 pm
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Lookit! )

I'm considering getting Corel Painter. I am also considering getting a new tablet. The one I have is good and does its job, but it sure as hell isn't a Wacom. Thing is, I can only get one or the other. *ponders* Hm. I should probably start by downloading the free demo version... I know I have a bunch of artists on my FList, does anyone have an opinion?

Hm. The mod person for the Saiyuki contest contacted me, and said that it's still on. But there's no mention of it whatsoever on the site. *hms*
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Stuff to do:

* read Tamburlaine the sequel.
* read the RPS that is Edward II.
* keep ignoring the Faerie Queene.
* write a horror story that isn't mostly a romantic comedy and doesn't make people laugh. Granted, the people in question loved it so much they stole my copy, but still.
* one word: coursework.
* one word: art.
* the story from hell is demanding attention again.
* find out just why the LJ Talk Gizmo defeated me. Kick its ass and make it work.

I realise I am spoiling myself by reading Supernatural episode summaries on IMDB, but what the hell. I am thinking the writers for the show finally realised the neon-coloured "fuck me now" tattoo on Dean's forehead is more visible when he's angsty. Can't say I'm complaining. *evil grin*

Why people can't take me seriously, or My Horror Story )
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Alright, I watched the finale of last two dueSOUTH seasons, and I have just one question: is this series for real? o.O The ending is squeal-worthy though, I gotta say. :D And season three? "Excess lung capacity" my ass!

Also, Supernatural, season two! Spoilers. )

The contest art )

Gah, I'm supposed to be writing the horror story. I have until midnight and no bunnies come a'knocking. *headdesk*
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Had the Chinese class yesterday. Good grief, whatever possessed me to go there! It's insane! Four, scratch that, five ways of saying a syllable, and each changes the meaning. *dies* Should have stuck to German, at least that's something I can comprehend. x.X

On the bright side, had a nice chat with the guy sitting next too me, about drawing, manga and Final Fantasy. *beams*

Five Things About My Drawing )

That said, I found this: )

*scuttles back to Photoshop*

... I am not seriously writing the Jusenkyou Saiyuki fic, am I? x____X
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There is little to no random thoughts today. Except maybe that I'm still mourning the fact that I can't sing to save my life. That's one of the reasons I love sailing - when it comes to a large group, one guitar, a fire and shanties, no one particularly cares if you keep the tune steady.

Especially when beer comes in.

Thank heavens for the people who invented Redd's, Freeq and other beerjuices. Finally I can get drunk on such occassions!

Okay, so I had random things to say. Lol.

Sense of humour mandatory. Saiyuki 1/2 )

Work in Progress )
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So, I dabbled into pixel art the other day. And discovered that I'm actually quite good at it!

Lookit! )

Now I promise I'll work on the drabbles!
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Today was a Good Day. *smiles* [ profile] yami_tai and her hubby visited, and we had a great time exploring Bunnymede. *huggles Tai* We've seen bunnies, cows, memorials, and a balloon in a cementary. x.X

I also managed to get this finished. I couldn't decide which version I like better, so I did both, which is scarily productive, for me. Usually I would do neither.

Welcome to Hell. Please Lock the Door )
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^_____^ Sister is playing with the idea of writing. I'm so proud. It's hard to imagine a creepier piece. *beams*

Some editing by me, but I left it largely as it was.

Creep yourself out )
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I saw Midsummer Night's Dream. OMG, it was So Good. Oberon was total eye-candy, Puck rocked and Drumknott (copyright TP) played the Master of the Revels! Granted, he also played one of the fairies, but it was so cool nevertheless. Decorations were really good too, fitted the scene perfectly. Hermia was a tad old, I thought, but she was really good. All feisty and spirited. They geared the whole thing towards humour rather than a love story and that was a splendid choice. Bottom just about killed the audience every time he appeared, so did Puck, but the absolute perfect moment happened when Oberon finishes his monologue and hears a commotion. Demetrius and Helena walk onto the stage, and Oberon, who is very tall and generally hard to miss (white hair, leather pants and a glittering chest) stands to the side, in their path, crosses his arms and announces, in a booming voice, "I am invisible".

My point being - if you happen to be in London, this is a show you don't want to miss.

Consequently, an elf. )

Oh, and I finally discovered what's the deal with SouthWest trains. They are a part of a conspiracy designed to make me buy a car. Speaking of SWTrains. They inspired this little thing:

All Hail SWT )


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