Dec. 7th, 2007 08:00 pm
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Yes, Golden Compass is dubbed. And the only cinema in the country where it isn't is 300 km away. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, WARNER BROS. POLAND. See if I buy a ticket. I'm dlling it and you can kiss my ass. Fuckers.

edit: The knowledge that on Monday I'll be able to read the [livejournal.com profile] m15m parody makes a tiny bit better. Tiny bit.
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Warning: I talk religion. It might not be entirely kosher.
This Theology Stuff )

Jokes quoted yesterday in class (by the priest):

An atheist dies and goes to Hell. Lucifer meets him at the door, offers a howdy, shows him around: "Here's the sauna area, hot springs to the right, drinks at the bar. If you get too hot, pools over there, right next to the skiing slopes." They continue the tour, until they reach a road by a thick glass wall. On the other side it's hell - people screaming, burning, starving, suffering all around.

The atheist blanches and stares at Lucifer questioningly. Satan shrugs. "Ah, don't worry about it. It's something the Christians came up with."


An atheist dies and goes to Heaven. Gabriel meets him at the door, offers a howdy, shows him around. They pass a shimmering cloud. "Here're the Buddhists," Gabriel says. They pass a bountiful garden. "Here're the Muslims and the Jews and the Protestants." Finally they reach a massive wall. "And here are the Catholics," Gabriel says.

"Why are you whispering?" asks the atheist.

"We had to tell them they are alone here, else they'd refuse to show up."


Nov. 12th, 2007 10:54 pm
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It's snowing! It's a little too warm for the snow to stay, but it looks so pretty when it falls. ^_____^ I love winter. => Yesterday. Today it's mostly gone and not so pretty when it's wet and no longer falling. *sigh*

I have a cold, so I skipped the Russian and pool classes today. Given the attitude they have about being sick here, I probably should have a legion of doctors sign a confirmation that I was unwell. Just to be on the safe side. And of course tomorrow I have to make an appearance, because we have tests - history of philosophy and logic. Logic is okay, because it's mostly problems to solve (unlike the lectures, which, frankly, boggle the mind), but history of philosophy has me mildly annoyed.

Like much of the studying.

The set text we have is "History of Philosophy" by Tatarkiewicz. Fair enough, even though the first edition was printed in 1933 and you can tell that from the language. I wonder if anything changed in history since then, but hey, it's the standard. That's not a problem. The problem is, the test is designed to test how closely you read the damn book. Not if you understand the problems discussed. Not if you are aware of the philosophers' lives and their theories. How well you know the text. I wonder if it's some sort of a professional perversion, the strict adherence to the set text (the lecturer is a priest, naturally). It's annoying, because I just can't learn like that. I understand, not memorise. And even my otherwise great memory doesn't help.

The only bright side is that I have to write an essay on Ockham (as in, Occam's razor guy), which doesn't have a specified title (which might end up sucking royally - I don't much like essays with too general a title). Of course, my lappie has no Polish dictionaries, so I will have to use other computers to spell-check. Bothersome.

Then there's Latin (give me strength!), which apparently is not so much a language as it is a list of modifications we need to apply to words to have them mean something. It makes for a strange comparison, as I'm presently studying two languages from scratch: Latin and Russian. They are taught in vastly different ways. In Russian we mostly talk, repeat words, phrases, silly rhymes etc. In Latin we learn grammar. Which is, of course, a problem, because I always failed theoretical grammar. I know how to speak correctly, sure. But give me a name of a part of speech, and I'm stumped. Never you mind present tense passive voice third person singular. What the hell!

Don't let me get started on the Bible reading. I'm on Exodus, need to read up to and including Ruth until Friday. I wonder if I can get by by reading detailed synopsis? One way to find out! :D

All in all, am a little disgruntled about the way they're treating us here. We're adults, for heaven's sake!

Also connected with school, although on a social note: I don't quite know what to do when one of my fellow classmates repeatedly calls me a pagan. I'm sure he jests, but it makes me wonder. I did admit I wasn't Christian during a discussion at some point (I don't go yelling it out, but whenever relavant I might mention it - especially since I have no other religion to claim as my own). So now I wonder. I should probably mention here that in Polish "pagan" is not generally understood as the modern nature worshipper (which would also be surprising, since I am not even close), but as the primitive non-believer. It used to denote any non-Christian, now it's mostly used in historical context. So, puzzling.

Oh, the general election - I remain most impressed with the new government. Do not wish to spoil, but so far out new Prime Minister managed to be professional and down-to-earth (for the most part), which is a pleasant surprise, since up till now he was an intelligent, but timid politician. I'm hopeful. I voted more out of spite for the people representing the previous government, but now I really am hopeful.

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Your regular, coherent post coming up later. Need venting now.

So, Dark is Rising. You might have heard of it, it was written in the 70s by Susan Cooper. I read it a while ago, can't remember when, but it's been a while. Now they are making a movie. And, I admit, I squealed when I saw the beginning of the trailer, because the book was amazing! And it was a part of a series. It was the quiet kind of fantasy: magical realism someone called it, filled to the brim with mythology and Britishness, about a boy who is suddenly burdened with the knowledge that he is one of the Old Ones and must save the world. Yeah, we all heard that. But it was really amazing, it was quiet, thoughtful, well thought out, mature and just all-around fantastic.

The Hollywood stomped in. *headdesk* Seriously, ten seconds into the trailer and I already wanted to run out of the cinema. Everything flashed, sparkled, blew up! There was kissing, crushing, drama! *throttles the creators* The point of the book is that everything hinges on people being there and saying the right things!

They even made the hero American, which makes a lot less sense than turning Harry Potter American would. And they tried to motivate it with "culture shock" and "being an outsider". Did they miss the part of the book (more like all of it, apparently) in which Will is trying to protect his homeland and family? GAAAH!!!

In conclusion: kill kill kill, stomp stomp stomp.

PS: See here for a detailed chart of pointlessdifferences.

*crosses fingers* Please, GoldenCompass don't fail me. You look so awesome so far. Achieve Narnia standard, at least, and I will be happy.

Same ol'

Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:45 pm
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Emo whining, feel free to ignore )

Obligatory Harry Potter news SPOILERS )

General update: for the commissions, I have six sketches ready to be coloured, I hope to finish at least half tomorrow and all of them before Thursday (leaving for a week Thursday night). Please poke me.

I need to apologise to anyone I promised a fic a while back. They will be written, but it might be a while. I am sorry for that. Coming up with one-shots is a hit and miss process for me, and I am focusing on the commissions and finishing ACB. Which is the final piece of news: ACB 15 is about 75% done.
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Obviously, you haven't been to Poland lately. Warning: this is one of my rare current affairs posts. Feel free to skip, but it is fairly hilarious, methinks. In a Catch 22 kind of way.

Read more... )

The clincher is that the twins built their campaign promising a safe and honest, family-orientated state. So much for that, eh? Does anyone wonder why I don't particularly mind moving away? I admit it's not particularly patriotic. I tend to think of myself as European, whenever I can be bothered to assign myself a borderline. Right now I think this country needs a massive dose of common sense and ethics, not foolhardy, radical patriotism and prayer.
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Watch this video. I'm talking to you, FFVII: AC fans. For full effect pump up the volume, although sanity may demand tuning it down.

Best Tom&Jerry episode EVER. *coughs* Yes, I love vintage cartoons.

Ranty McRant. On the subject of fics )

And now, back to work. *shudders*
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Supernatural has "sibling incest subtext" in its plot keywords on IMDb. I'm grinning insanely.

I'm very disturbed to note my Facebook account is on its way to becoming more popular than my original art account on deviantART. This makes me a very, very sad bunny. The only reason I signed up for the account was because I needed to quickly dl a photo of a friend who has one. I have nothing on there. Nada. Zip. Why do you friend me, people! Go away! Friend my deviantART account, that'll make me happy!

I'm writing a bloody stupid essay. Please vote/comment in the poll, so that I have more to write about.

[Poll #953140]


Dec. 31st, 2006 02:27 am
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Hussein was executed today )

*steps off box* Thank you.
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*insert many swearwords*

I understand that broadband has its limits. I get that excessive use of YouSendIt and similar pages can cause a big boom. I get that p2p is bad for the system, for various reasons.

But I do not understand filtering Photobucket. *growl* I hate you all. Please die.

Unfortunately, because of the above, I won't be able to comment on any pictures you post, since I suspect the filtering is not limited to photoshop but most of the image hosting sites.

As for me posting - ha, maybe I'll finally put the LJ storage to use. I could get into Photobucket, but I figure there's no point in drawing attention to self.

On a less homicidal note, I had an amusing evening yesterday. For my Mandarin class I got a paper to complete at home, and the first task is to identify a set of ten common phrases in Chinese characters. Eight were pretty obvious, as we were told to memorise them before, one I deduced from the fact that it was made up of the character for country [king in a box with a fly] and a signpost (apparently meaning centre). The last was 北京 and that gave me so much trouble! I went through zhongwen.com tracing the characters that looked vaguely similar, and yay, a success! It means Beijing. *is proud*


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