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I don't like stories told from first person PoV, period. Off the top of my head I can name three that I remember liking (Bridget Jones' Diary, Night Watch, I, Jedi). BJD is self-explanatory, it's a journal, it works. NW and I, Jedi though I liked, because the former was really good (it's sort of supernatural police novel, with a battle between light and dark in the background), the concept, the mood. The Star Wars novel was SW that that was enough at the time. XD

The reason I don't like reading stories from a first person point of view, is that they feel wrong. There is a certain degree of emoting I expect from a novel and this point of view removes me from the emotion. The dialogue is one thing, of course - the dialogue is there to communicate one character with another, but the narrative is something completely different. The narrative I expect to communicate with me, on a level that is not just verbal, but mostly emotional, and being told how "I am" feeling fails to convey the emotion.

Case in point: I don't feel happy. I experience a wide array of emotion and sensation that range from sensory to cerebral. An accurate description of "happy" would be along the lines of [shiny water][dancing][wind blowing in my hair][fragrant, moving air][weightless]. Give or take, depending on the cause of happiness and the weather and the music on my iPod and so on. Having it reduced to "I felt like I was flying on the wind" cheapens the sensation and takes away its power. Now, if it was in the third person limited, then there is no problem. I accept the limitation, I take the guideline and go with it, supplying the rest of the wholesome picture myself. But with the "I" in the picture I feel removed. I feel blocked, as if the author was leaving me no space to supply my own happiness or dread, or what have you.

This post is sponsored by Twilight.

Fireflies and Silk update:

10,672 / 50,000 - 21% done!
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SPN is taking its sweet time to download, and I'm left contemplating a dream I had. It was quite peculiar, in that my high school friend was possessed by an angel and she took me along for a ride to stop the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I'm not sure why we went collecting the rest of out high school clique, it might have been that they were the Horsemen. I don't know. What's very peculiar was that we were travelling on a flying cutting board. Yes, it was tiny and a little slow. Altogether the experience was pretty hilarious. There was a party we crashed (on the flying cutting board) and I woke up before the Apocalypse.

77.7% FRIGGIN' HELL. How long can this take?
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Momentous news! Simpsons now have a new, high definition, opening! After twenty years, it was high time. :)

Also, Disney has a show featuring a well-adjusted single mom, who is not looking for a replacement husband. I am shocked. Very. o.O

My uni doth sucketh much, and my schedule collides with itself in lots of painful ways. This is not fun. Also, the contact email they provide on the site apparently does not exist. Le sigh. The sad thing is, the collisions would have been averted if they didn't make the first block for the second years only 45 minutes long. What the hell is up with that?
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I am curious. Do dentists become evil, by way of Evillery 101 in dentist school, or do they choose dentistry because they are evil?

I have very, very annoying teeth. I get cavities whenever I look at something sugary, which clearly sucks. I don't mind being a little overweight, at least no one bothers me when there's running to be done, but the teeth thing? Blows. Every single time I see a dentist there is a gazillion new things to driiiiill or poke at. It pisses me off. Gimme a break, willya! Stupid teeth. *pouts* And it's not even the brushing thing, because the dentist says I clearly brush enough (also, my gums join in on the suckage, by hating the brushing and receding). It's my faulty genes.

Stupid parents. I wonder if I can get a refund for the crappy DNA.
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I had a pretty crazy dream. And by crazy I mean totally awesome, in a slightly disturbing way, which means of course I was over the moon. This was after I was woken by dad at 8 am long enough to wave him goodbye and the fell asleep again.

It started with some sort of a festival or maybe a lights show? We were in an mediaeval town, and there was a friar of some sort carting us (a group of kids and me) around. Then he figured we need to go to the castle because there was some sort of festival in there, complete with costumes and pumpkins and lights. So we went (which involved climbing up a huge friggin' hill) and we all got the costumes (capes and pumpkins, which sounds crazy enough, I know). There were rehearsals and lights and it was pretty much awesome, because I love old castles and so it was awesome.

Then of course people started turning up dead, because it was that kind of dream. I don't have the first clue what exactly happened, but when we turned around the Winchesters were there, tackling the ten year old to the floor and frankly I can't remember what exactly it was and what happened, but mostly they were out to get the demon/ghostie/what-evah and then the dream turned for the crazy when the police dude showed up and then I had a moment when I saw Sam with the rifle sight screen overimposed. And then Mr Bennet showed up, with the sniper rifle. He obviously tried to shoot Sam, and not Dean, which was crazy enough, but then he didn't, likely because there was grapling. Because the little girl? Crazy little bitch. With pumpkins.

Then the mess with the crazy kid with powers switched to brother drama, because Sam was arrested and Dean was left there, yelling at everyone, mostly Mr Bennet, because he was there and Sam has been taken away. And then he was fighting with Mr Bennett, because Mr Bennett said something about Sam and his demon heritage. It ended with a draw, but the fighting was awesome and in slow-mo and the kind of mostly tries to be nerve pinching, but fails because both know about the nerve pinching. <3

Then Sam returned (and Dean was appropriately moved) and some guy wanted to talk to him, about the demon powers and being the anti-christ. And he mostly decided becoming the demon messiah would be cool, though whether he made the decision on or off screen I can't recall. Point is, then Dean showed up, took a look at the demon-person and flipped and yelled with the appropriate crunch of heartbrokenness and stormed off on a motorcycle with a truly bizarre helmet on. Think the Immortals in 300, only in white. Yes, I know. Crazy.

All of this was served in a mediaeval castle with ivy and bricks and pigeons and terraces and woah, the view, did I mention the view?

... WHUT

Jan. 26th, 2009 10:49 pm
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WHAAAAAAA? Just when you start loosing faith in the sanity of mankind, they go and start making movies. First Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon and now this. I mean... Yeah, there are no words. Except - they kept the bike!

Also, I saw this today, and after a minute of staring in confusion I finally got who the actor is (Spock). Then I sporfled because, well.
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I have passed Theory of Culture. Boo Yeah! Awesome! I don't have to redo my essay! I am halfway done with the course altogether!

In other news, I managed to gross myself out. I started doodling and thinking at the same time, which resulted in a zombie pic. Which might well be a cannibal pic, because I wasn't thinking about zombies. Are zombies cannibalistic or does cannibalism imply thinking about it?

These are, believe it or not, some of the questions that keep me up at night. Snicker.

Let's hear it for my Evil Plan (tm)! )

Get your own here. Ganked from [ profile] merula31


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