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My C&CW assignment:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,269 / 3,500

I'm allowed to be within 10% of the word limit, either way. Meaning, there's editing to be done. Meaning: helloooooo footnotes. *grins* At least I'm done plot-wise. I hope. o.O

Sanzo had a feeling he would kill someone before he could light the next cigarette. This was a far-reaching prediction, considering that he only smoked when there was solid ground beneath his feet, but one that frustrated him to no end. He supposed he was lucky that Gojyo found a new victim for his flirtatious games, but the man still managed to annoy him, for a couple of reasons. The main reason was that Gojyo made a point of doing most of the flirting right in front of him. Like he cared who Gojyo fucked. For one thing, the only reason Gojyo was there was because he was paying. And given the rather unpredictable nature of the rest of their earnings, the steady income was appreciated. For another thing – if anyone was to worry about who Gojyo fucked, they might as well save themselves the trouble and start on gobbling down anti-depressants on a daily basis.

The other reason for Sanzo’s bad mood was Hakkai, who seemed to be as good at the game as Gojyo himself. The overture and undertones were so laying so thick, only a solid brick wall would miss them.

“Would you kindly shut the hell up, for five minutes? We’re eating here,” Sanzo growled.

“Captain, you need to relax a little. A little flirting never hurt anyone,” Gojyo said.

“It’s gonna hurt you, if you don’t stop now.”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you. I knew you cared.”

“Then you’re even more retarded than I give you credit for.”

“Don’t worry,” Kougaji muttered to Hakkai, who was watching the heated exchange with his brows raised. “They’ve been at each other’s throats ever since Gojyo started flying with us.”


“As long as they’re not hurting anybody,” Yaone said mildly, hiding a smile behind a dumpling. She casually reached across the table and removed the sharpest objects from potential disaster area. Sanzo and Gojyo were seconds away from a fistfight. If it came to that, it would be wise to ensure the environment was relatively safe. “I’m sorry for this scene,” she added to the two silent men on the far end of the table.

“It’s alright,” the taller one said, with a forced smile. His words, however, went largely unheard.

“They look like they’re enjoying it,” Hakkai observed. “I would be tempted to use the phrase ‘unresolved sexual tension’, even.”

“Yeah, it is pretty unresolved.” Kougaji cast a look at his captain. “But I don’t think it’s all that sexual. It’s more of a hate at first sight thing.”

“I was under the impression Gojyo rented one of the shuttles from you. Why would the captain rent a shuttle to someone he didn’t like?” Or, Hakkai wanted to ask, why would Gojyo rent a space somewhere he wasn’t wanted? He, of all people, must have had hundreds of other options, including getting his own ship.

“I didn’t say not like,” Kougaji said with a grin. “I said hate. These aren’t mutually exclusive, when it comes to Sanzo. He’s special like that. And Gojyo enjoys it.” That part, at least, was obvious.

“I see.” Hakkai smiled down at his plate.

“Still, you have to admire them. They can make a person believe that oral sex does mean talking about it,” Yaone said, resting her chin on her hand. Lirin giggled, when Kougaji almost fell off his chair.

Sanzo’s insomnia didn’t manifest itself often, for which he was grateful. When it did, however, the nights grew to epic proportions. Regardless of the fact that most of the time night and day were nothing more than a convenient frames on the clock, Sanzo found himself suffocating. On these nights he would find himself wandering aimlessly through the limited space of West’s passages, empty due to the hour. It let him glide through the sleepless nights with a semblance of rest. It wasn’t sleep, but it was enough to let him live the next day.

He walked from the bridge, having grown wary of watching the endless star fields. His feet took him in the direction of the cargo hold. It was half three am, hardly an hour anyone should be up, at yet Sanzo could hear a door sliding open. He paused in the doorway, hidden by the shadows. The position gave him a good view into the corridor that hosted the spare cabins, without being seen.

The slight noise was made by the two thugs – Carter and Lin, if his memory was correct. They were closing the door to their cabin. Sanzo’s eyebrows raised as he saw the quick flickering of their fingers. The only institution to teach this particular sign language was the Federal Academy, and the only people to use them were military agents and the Special Operatives. Sanzo cursed under his breath. Fucking feds on board of his ship. That spelled trouble. Hakkai might have signed a disclaimer, but there were many crates on board, and most of them were toeing the line of legal. Often from the other side.

Soundlessly, Sanzo followed the two to the cargo hold. They weren’t interested in the general cargo, luckily for the crew. Apparently Hakkai topped their agenda, hands down.

“I wasn’t aware anything on board that would be of interest to the military,” Sanzo said calmly, stepping out into the light. Carter stood up to face him. The other didn’t look up, too busy working the lock on the small crate.

“Stand down, captain. We’re not interested in your operation.”

“I’m interested in yours, right now.”

“You have no idea what you have on board. Return to your cabin now.”

“Two feds, by the looks of it, something I’m not happy about. Step away from that crate,” he added to Lin. “I was paid to deliver the load without tampering with it.”

“Captain, get back to your cabin now.”

“Thank you for noting, I am the captain here. You both step away from the fucking box and get back to your cabin, now.” There was a dark note underlining the final word.

“You leave me no choice, regrettably.” Carter stepped forward menacingly, cracking his knuckles. “As of now I’m taking control of this ship. You are under arrest.” Sanzo smirked to himself. A fight, finally. He waited for the man to throw the first punch, just so he could say he didn’t start it. The hit disappointed him. These guys were no Special Operatives, obviously. Sanzo was yearning to kick someone’s ass, but he found no pleasure whatsoever in kicking the asses of people who could hardly defend themselves. It looked like he would have to bribe Yaone to let Kougaji spar with him again.

It took maybe three solid punches to knock Carter out. Lin didn’t even put up a fight – he managed to get the lock open and was so distracted by the sparkly, shiny things Hakkai had in his precious box, that he barely noticed Sanzo coming up behind him. When he finally did, it was too late. Sanzo snorted to himself and was about to turn away, when his eyes strayed to the chest of mysteries, at which point every coherent thought fled from his mind.

“What the fuck?” he muttered, his eyes wide open in disbelief.

The crate contained a body. Whole, unmarked body, which, Sanzo concluded after several seconds of stupefied staring, was an actual living, breathing person. Running on automatic, he assessed the discovery – male, Caucasian, average built. While Sanzo was not particularly adept at judging ages, if he were to wager a guess, the kid was in the general whereabouts of twenty. No identifying marks, no scars, no skin discolouration, no sign of injuries, breathing calm and deep. No eye movement, which made sense, considering he was enclosed in a box for at least a week. That meant either really deep sleep, or acute agoraphobia. Since it was impossible to comprehend just how acute the agoraphobia would have to be, Sanzo was betting on the former.

The kid’s pulse was unusually slow, Sanzo concluded pulling his fingers away from his throat, but that was most likely a given.

“Fuck,” he said, taking a step back and nearly tripping over one of the feds. Well, first things first. He grabbed the two unconscious men by their ankles and dragged them, none too gently, to the cabins. He realised early on that it paid to have handcuffs were on site, so it was but a work of a moment to cuff each agent to a bedpost in an empty room. It took a little longer to make sure the room they’d both previously occupied was free of anything that could possibly aid an escape. Of escape equipment, Sanzo found little. Communicators there were two, which made him swear rather creatively under his breath. This spelled trouble. No matter how legitimate Hakkai’s reason for the kid’s presence in the crate (and he was damn sure it was anything but legitimate) the feds would be on to them.

Sanzo paused after making sure the two cabins would remain locked. “Damn,” he muttered, resting his forehead against a wall. Whatever Hakkai’s reason, they were in trouble. Big, fucking trouble. Still, now that the box was open, slamming the lid back on would do little good. Quite possibly it could do a lot of harm – Sanzo didn’t know how to make sure the life support worked properly. He grabbed a blanket on his way back to the cargo hold. He’d be damned if the kid caught a cold before he knew whether he could strangle him.

His timing proved to be immaculate. Just as he leaned over the confusing console, looking for a set of instructions on how exactly should he go about waking the kid, said kid relieved him of bewilderment by waking. Just like that – one minute he was in the depths of slumber, the next he was blinking and breathing in deeply. Another second and Sanzo found himself staring into wide, golden eyes and it was his turn to blink. It was impossible, he was certain, for eyes to be that colour, but he was equally certain there was no sign of contact lenses. The kid’s eyes were indeed golden. Or so brightly bronze that they seemed golden, whatever.

Either way, Sanzo found he might have forgotten how to breathe for a moment.

“Shiny,” the kid said quietly, almost dreamily. Sanzo blinked again.


“Who are you?”

“Who am I? Who the fuck are you?” And why the fuck were you in a bloody crate, he really wanted to add.

“I asked you first,” the kid said, a playful pout twisting his mouth. Sanzo, to his own surprise, found himself smirking back.

“Genjo Sanzo. I’m the captain of this ship. Now who the hell are you?”

“Me? I’m Goku.” He lifted his arms up and over his head in a comfortable stretch, followed by a deep yawn. Obviously, he wasn’t quite over the sleep yet.

“Just Goku?” The kid paused at the edge of the crate. Very slowly he looked up, his eyes distant.

“Son Goku,” he said eventually, and scrambled out to stand unabashedly in front of Sanzo. Apparently, little details like complete lack of clothing for instance didn’t bother him in the slightest. Sanzo, stared for a couple of seconds and threw the rolled up blanket at him.

“Everyone should be asleep by now, but you’re not walking around my damn ship naked.” Goku smiled a little but wrapped the blanket around his shoulders obediently. Then he looked up and cocked his head, as if to ask “what now?” Sanzo stared back, trying to figure out what to do next. “Come on, I’ll get you some clothes and you can sleep- Oh, fuck.” Too late he remembered there were no more free cabins. “Shit.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have anywhere to put you. I locked the feds separately, so the only free cabin we had left is taken. Fuck this shit.” He could put the kid in the common area, but decided against it. Best to have him somewhere he could keep an eye on him, until he knew what to do next.

“I can stay here,” Goku volunteered. “It’s not a problem.” Sanzo raised a brow.

“Like hell you will. Come on.”

Sanzo knew he made the decision, but he still couldn’t believe he was doing this. His own hands confused him, even as they palmed the door to his room open and motioned for Goku to enter.

“Sit down,” he ordered gruffly, pointing to the bed. Damn, his closet needed updating. Jeans, shirts, jeans, shirts – ah, shorts and a t-shirt. Finally. “Put these on.” It was relaxing to see that the kid had no trouble figuring out the garments, as simple as they were. Whoever he was, clothes had been on the agenda. Sanzo felt a smidge of the fury drain away. That still didn’t rule out many of the more disturbing things he could thing of, and he could think of many, but it helped. Goku wasn’t body-shy, but he wasn’t exhibitionistic either, judging by the way he positively snuggled into the cotton – that at least was something.

Seeing as he was about to fall asleep again, the questioning had to be left for another time. Sanzo reluctantly acknowledged the fact. Still, some things he needed to know now.

“Goku.” He blinked sleepily in response. “Why were you in that crate?”

“Hakkai said it’d be safer, if he was alone. Said they’d be looking for two, not one.” Good news, and bad news. Good news: he wouldn’t have to bash Hakkai’s skull in. Bad news: he wouldn’t get to bash Hakkai’s skull in.

“So – you know Hakkai then?”

“Yeah. He’s nice. He got me out,” Goku murmured. Sleep was weighing him down heavily.

“Got you out from where?” But Goku was asleep already. Sanzo ran a hand through his hair.

“Fuck,” he muttered leaning back in the chair. It was a good thing he had insomnia, cause this was going to be a long night.
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