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Stephenie Meyer is, I think, very talented when it comes to burying her admittedly excellent ideas in sub-par prose and non-existent plot. I say this, because she frequently takes the trouble to present an alternative take on the same events which end up being more exciting and evoke more genuine emotion than the entire story. Case in point the ending of Twilight, where the antagonist reminisces about this other vampire who was in love with a human girl and, when the antagonist became too much of a threat, turned her to keep her safe (newborn vampires being stronger than older ones). All of this took place in a psychiatric hospital, where she was treated for having premonitions. The Host has much the same problem: after an hour and a half of the heroine being helpful and more human than humans and special, we get to find out that the reason the antagonist is so devout to chasing her that she starts evolving past what her species determines she should be, is that her own host is still there, still fighting, and she wants to know how to defeat her. In about five minutes of screen time there is more drama than the protagonist(s) had in the entire movie.

I'm not going to get into the whole romance, because bleh, and the movie is very painful to watch, on account of extremely horrible dialogue. Think of any scene between Anakin and Padme in Star Wars, and then multiply it by, oh, seventeen. There is also the lazy ending and drawn-out everything, but even that could be made bearable if the dialogue wasn't written for people who were going to read the script, not see the movie.

Lastly, the movie deserves an award: they managed to find pants which don't flatter Diana Krueger.

I wonder if I can make a fusion of it. :D
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