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How did it get so late, again? I need to work on fitting my daytime into better slots. XD

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I love exam period. Nothing whatsoever to do until right before the exams (I know, gross oversimplification XD). All the same, I have relatively free time. :)

I absolutely love the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Why, you barely need the slash goggles! Oh sure, I had them with me, but it is so hard to part with me pair these days, not when most filmmakers cater to the frequency, but the movie supplied its own. So long as you don't go in expecting a Sherlock Holmes movie, that is an impeccable fellow being shrewd with a pipe in an armchair, the movie is two hours of sheer WHEEEEE!!!

Watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus the other day too, and that in turn was two hours of boy, do I need a drink to understand this! Still splendid, though while "Johnny Depp is sexy doing anything" is true, it is also false advertising.

OMG, Gundam Wing fanart! )

I really ought to get my NaNo finished...
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Last night of guilt-free slacking off. XD Tomorrow NaNo starts and I shall spend my time guiltily avoiding writing.

Okay, the Halloween picture I did back in 2006 - it's ages old, so when I look at it now I want to change every other thing. But, I still find it cute, so there it is. <3

Halloween night, child included )

YTS is done and submitted. Also, my [ profile] orphan_prompts story is posted over at the com - I shall crosspost soon enough, if you're unwilling to friend the com (stories are locked).
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I've spent so much time dabbling in Photoshop recently, with nothing finished to show for it. Except this. )

Also, I painted my fingernails. The fingernails on the right hand are very red, while on the left they are a dusky pink, from a bottle labelled "pure sin". Odd really, because if I was to give that name to a colour, it would have been crimson or burgundy. Not dusky pink.

Holy crap, I just looked at the pictures I started since the camps, and there's eleven unfinished ones. Woah.

Of course, it's all to distract me from the interview I have Wednesday. Or Thursday.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 09:21 pm
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For [ profile] clueless_psycho:
Ran and Crawford under a tree  )

Fore [ profile] yanagi_wa
Wufei with a rope dart )

Milliardo )

Also, for [ profile] seraphim_grace, a very late commission of Ran and a rose:
Pretty colours! )
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Both images commissioned by [ profile] spellhorn, and were supposed to be illustrations for [ profile] merula31's fics.

1x2 piccage hidden here )
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I finished the first piccies! Of course, then the weekend ended. *sulk* It was quite busy, since Grandma had to be visited in he hospital (she is getting better, FYI) and now there's even less time.

13x5 for Michalyn )

39 for EoS )

*is now dead*
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Whew, I think I'm over the Photoshop issue. Mostly. Of course now I have this sudden urge to do Supernatural fanart, so obviously will be cursing up a storm in a minute, but okay.

... why do always I have a gazillion started projects? I fail. Seriously, I fail.

Preventer angst )

Stupid coursework requires attention now. Want to shoot myself. GAH.

As usual, wanted to say something, but totally forgot what I wanted to say. Oh! I remember! I was at Kat's over the weekend and got to RP Dungeons and Dragons. It was fun!
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*squints* I'm having Issues. And I don't like it much. Issues with Photoshop, to be specific. I can't seem to find the appropriate balance between anime and painting, which bugs the hell outta me, cause, hello, anime fangirl here. I want to paint, but anime fanart kinda requires a certain degree of sticking to the lines. Am always bugged by anime art that doesn't resemble canon much. Translation = I'm in major, major artistic pain. And [ profile] ravensilver suffers for it. I'm sorry, hun!

Case in Point )

Now, I'm quite happy with how this picture turned out. Not very complicated, but made me happy. I think I might be getting the hang of the painting thing. Something's still missing, but we live and improve.


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