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My god, Tumblr is a horrible, horrible place! *claws weakly*

Various arts, in order, something fiery, something funny, something in which Erik is a Disney Princess )

So I started watching Teen Wolf, I'm up to episode eight, and I have do ask: does Allison develop a personality? Anything? Ever? Because thus far she exists and that's the most you can say about her. You could replace her with a blowup doll and the emotional impact would be about the same. Everybody else is reasonably well-rounded! That, quite literally, everyone. The teachers. The vet. That guy we see for thirty seconds before he gets horribly murdered. The girlfriend though, she has the emotional range of a dying lobster. Sigh. It's even worse than Bella Swann in Twilight, she at least was a horrible person, topped the list of people I would never want to hang out with, ever, never contributed an opinion that wasn't "he was bee-ay-yuutiful" and she still has more personality. Can't they cut Allison's screen time and give it to Stiles instead? Or anybody, really - give it to Lydia, I like Lydia.

Don't let me get started on the "romance" part. It's laughable.

Finally, Stiles needs better friends, as he is awesome and Scott is a complete asshole.

Gravity Falls is very enjoyable. :)
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... I discovered something millions of people knew about before me. Namely, the awesomeness of Isaac Asimov - he writes so simply, by today's standards, and the simplicity just gets you, straight through the heart. <3

Trying monochrome, turns out well. Hm. )

[personal profile] seraphim_grace has started a blook (is that the official term?), or online novel, called Toruviel. Available @ It has witches and magic and will have balls and quests and epic love affairs. :)
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I've seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The credits were AWESOME. They almost made the wholly unnecessary movie worthwhile (because as I understand it there already is a perfectly good Swedish adaptation). The rest of the film was okay, aside from the massive, brightly coloured idiot ball Daniel Craig picked up at the end.

Picture underneath )

Alright, I admit, I love the ponies, so I am biased, but seriously, if this doesn't make you smile, you either had no childhood and/or you have no soul. Also, as [personal profile] katikat pointed out, this is Charles Xavier on speed and possibly LSD. :D

Important notice of importance: I need a beta for a couple of XMFC fics (possibly more, I can't seem to shut up). One is a Buffy AU (a prequel to the one I posted recently), about 20k, the other is a Hunger Games AU, 40+k. Would any one of you like to help out, please, please, please? *hopeful face*
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Interestingly, I still have stuff to finish up for school. Odd. XD

Have some art, while I'm at it )

I'm off to Sopot for the weekend. Woot me!
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Crud. I was supposed to be writing fics, wasn't I? XD

Because I strongly suspect I will always regret not seeing the Guardians of Gahoole in the cinema. :( And I just might love owls as much as I love piggies, which is a whole lot. OWLS )
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So, I probably didn't mention this before, but there is a Vampire Con and normally I'm not much of a Con goer, but they were hosting an art contest and contributing to visuals plus a free admission were the prize, so there I was, participating. Long story short, I won the contest. XD

Vampires, buahahaha )

In other news, [community profile] 7thnight_smut authors have been revealed and my wonderful zombie story has been written by [personal profile] theskywasblue! Thank you so much, hun!
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After the brief reprieve the temperature is back to haunting us all. Paaaaain.

Master Thesis Sample, NSFW )

I started typing the thesis in earnest, and so far I have altogether, let me check. Finished chapter 3 will have 30 pages, the start of chapter 4 has 6, but less than 20% of the material has been included, so we're looking at another 20, say, then there is the "what I'm gonna say here" chapter, which is 9, the obligatory "scholars of the world had this to say" beginning, which has to have no less than 10 pages, which brings us up to 69ish. And that's discounting the final analysis chappie, which will probably be less than 10. Altogether 75ish.

Now, the original plan had chapters 5 and 6 be on par with 3 and 4. So, potentially, that's another 40 pages. I don't think it should be this long (we're talking 130 pages, and that's without the appendix, which is 70 pages).




In other news, chapter 10 of Balloons is halfway there.
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It turns out Breaking Dawn will be two movies. Curious, considering there barely is material for one, plot wise. At least Harry Potter has a good excuse, they've got the awesome of Neville to contain, for which one movie may not be enough (because I shall be pissed, ya verily, if Neville's guerilla fighting in Hogwarts doesn't get lovingly recorded), and from what I hear Dumbledore's youthful romance is going to be hot and lengthy (I'm lying, all I know is young!Grindlewald is yummy). BD on the other hand has a (whiny) wedding, a (whiny) pregnancy, a gory delivery and then a God Mode Sue at bootcamp. Then they have milk and cookies.

In short: Go Team Charlie's Mustache! and Team Merlin Got The Order Of Neville, First Class!

Weekends, gotta love them )
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So, in no particular order:

  • I have official confirmation that 5075% of my exams are behind me (that would be chemistry and elements of probability theory and math - B and A and B, respectively). Yay!

  • I have a good feeling about the math exam, as in I expect a pass.Got a B. YAY! Taking physics on Friday. It is worrying, as it's an oral exam and my knowledge of physics is sketchy, at best, and here I am updating LJ instead of cramming.

  • Balloons is at 23k, or 7.5 out of (what I think will be) 12 chapters. I might be wrong.

Some random plagiarised art )


Feb. 12th, 2010 11:49 pm
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We saw Magic Flute on Tuesday, and damn, is that sexist drivel, or what? Opera sure as hell would benefit from lack of subtitles, as the singing was fantastic. ^______^ Best characters were easily Papageno and the Queen of the Night (who, oddly enough looked something like Cherthis. )

Also? Amadeus remains my favourite movie ever. <3

I am going away for a week starting tomorrow. :) Yay skiing!


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