Jul. 14th, 2011 11:14 pm
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It's a little sad that I stopped watching SPN lately, because the finale twist is something I would have loved, no joke. Need to remedy.

Supernatural art )
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I am 1k away from bringing up the total of the Casmund in-between 'verse to 100k. Yeah, I know, they are technically separate stories, but since AME is a direct consequence of OTBE it bloody well counts! (it does count, don't harsh my squee)


100,000 words of a single story, WOOT! It will be slightly over, altogether, as I've fifty pages left to edit (given the current rate it translates to another 5k).

sketchiness! )

My sister has a whee bit obsession with Merlin (actually Colin Morgan, who looks like he is the younger brother of Benedict Cumberbatch), which is quite possibly the least logical show in the history of ever. It is cute as all hell, though, even if they are running out of excuses to knock Arthur out for the duration of Merlin showing off. XD
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Still grumbling about the SPN season finale, because Kripke is an, evil, evil bastard. Alternatively, Dean is some form of revenge on his older sibling whom he hates with a passion.

In short: I hate you Kripke, so here's some random, drive-by Dean love. )

Watching Father Ted to get over it.

snicker lol

May. 9th, 2010 06:07 pm
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Yeah, I don't got nothing either. XD [ profile] seraphim_grace thinks the two of them, following the obligatory makeovers (Crowley would salt and burn jeans, flannel and trucker hats), should adopt Kurt (from Glee, despite that we love Kurt's dad) and you just know that Dean and Sam will follow him to Ohio to throw footballers into dumpsters and make fun of the Glee kids. And Dean would teach home ed, on the basis that he has thumbs, therefore he is qualified (Principal Figgins considers giving them both a job, because two adult men hanging around a school all day is suspicious and he isn't brave enough to ask them to leave). Sue is against this, partly because Dean starts most days by dumping holy water slushie in her face.
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[ profile] seraphim_grace puts pictures in my head. XD These two are for the sequel to "Set The Fire To The Third Bar", called "World Enough And Time" The dark visions of Sam Winchester )

And for the series of snippets in which Dean has always been a female: girl!Dean. )

Both stories available here: [ profile] dejuramortis.
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Fireflies and Silk is this close to driving me into a complete rewrite. And I mean complete and total. Sigh. It's all shiny and pretty and it's driving me nuts, because it wants to grow. Grooooow and expand. GAH. It wants a backstory, grandiose and probably battles. Also? It doesn't want a happy ever after love shack ending.

Update of the most recent picture, because hey, Lucifer! )

[ profile] cliathain, you should be happy to know that there is a plot which should, with any luck, result in the Winchester brothers visiting Lux. Yay me! <3

Item of importance number last: why didn't I start watching Scrubs sooner?
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I finally got the Lucifer graphic novel! <3 Which means I promptly went and did this:

Castiel is in so much trouble )

In other news, am back at uni and, sadly, back to going to sleep at stupid a.m. Sigh.
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Goddamnit. It's six p.m. again, and I had only just got up. At least yesterday and the day before I had the excuse of being in class early in the morning, today it was more the going to bed at half five a.m. that did me in.

In conclusion, I fail at diurnality.

I did this, while avoiding sleep. Behold the man who (almost) outprettied Dean Winchester. This was... educational )
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Disturbingly, all of my cat icons are actually god icons. Hm.

Because every fandom needs catbois )


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