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Notice: I will be unavailable until the 12th of July. Completely. If I don't report back, I have been killed and eaten by the undergrown monsters known as children. XD

Ganked from FList: Set iTunes to random, write a flashfic for the first ten songs that come up.

I switched them around for your reading convenience, according to fandom. :) Enjoy!

Gundam Wing )

Saiyuki )

Supernatural )

Final Fantasy VII )
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Wow, I can't believe how long's it's been since I wrote something GW! In that intention, have a continuation of the last ficlet I posted - the Fantasy Romp )

RPG fun

Sep. 4th, 2007 10:09 pm
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I do not understand why does sister laugh at me. Duan-Hundt is a perfectly valid name for a stuffed dog. So is Creutzfeld-Jakob. No, really. :P

Something that occured to me a while back:

There always is a quest )
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For [ profile] lilzazu, who wanted five ways Heero used to get in Duo's good graces after sneakily trimming his hair. I hope this works!

Matters of the hair )
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Sorry for the horrible lateness!

For [ profile] jade_sage, five times Heero tried to change his hairstyle.

Five things about hair )
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Mandarin exam Friday. Help?

For [ profile] sharona1x2:

Five ways Heero has changed since he started dating Duo )
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The special project was submitted today (thank the heavens). I should be depressed. So, yay, songfic! Kinda cliche, and in the wrong fandom (because come on, this is obviously a Saiyuki song), but Duo demanded (and Heero grunted his agreement) that I write about them.

Due to me being unable to access any and all sending sites, I can't post a link. If anyone wants the song, I can send it via email.

Lyrics: The Way, Fastball )

Eternal Summer Slacking )
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For [ profile] hellfire_angel. Um. It is very sappy. And sweet. There's chocolate in it! Good Omenish 1x2, yay!

Angels, Demons and Hot Chocolate )
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For [ profile] ravensilver, who wanted 1x2 angst with a happy end. I'm not sure how I did with the angst part, but the happy end is there! This plotbunny was following my for a while. It's actually a songfic, based on a shanty (which always struck me as kinda slashy. Long story).

Does it count as angst? )
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... I'm so late, it isn't even funny.

Good news is, I managed to get the essay done in time, without running back and forth like a headless chicken. Bad news: I probably accidentally mixed up the pages. Oh well. They're numbered. I was also supposed to do grocery shopping today, but of course dropped dead and didn't bother waking till 8pm. Feh.

I'm sorry for making you wait so long, [ profile] yami_tai! Have a bonus drabble to go with the piccy. ^______^ On account of the winter disappointing (one evening of snow, and lame snow! WTF is up with that!), the theme is snow. Hope you like!

Ineffable, really. )


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