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I'm not Cleolinda, but these things are pretty entertaining to write. :) NaNo? What is this NaNo you speak of?

2012: a movie in which 99.99995% of Earth's population was drowned, crushed, burned, asphyxiated or were buried alive, but still managed to make you feel good. But this is America, a land where dogs and children have contractual immortality. Adults, on the other hand... )

Overall? The movie is everything Roland Emmerich promised: a huge tribute to every catastrophe movie ever created. Let's hope he keeps his promise and doesn't make any more, because short of dropping the moon on everyone...
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This post is sponsored by Cleolinda and [ profile] m15m.

Merlin is cracktastic fun, which is why I started summarising the funnier bits to [ profile] eyesofshinigami. Then she had to go and I continued. Presenting: episode eleven, the Labyrinth of Gedref! In which it is revealed MERLIN is a virgin and ARTHUR resents the fact!

[for the uninformed, Arthur is the crown prince of Camelot. He enjoys showing off and flirting with his father's ward, Morgana, whose maid, Gwenwyhfar, has something of a crush on him. Or her. We aren't rightly sure. Merlin is Arthur's manservant, who is conveniently a sorcerer, but has to hide the fact because Arthur's father, Uther, blames magic for everything wrong in his life. What do you mean that's not how the Arthurian myth goes? Get with the program, people.]

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I've been rewatching LotR today. I've ranted about how they screwed up the Army of the Dead thing in the extended edition, haven't I? I like the theatrical release much better. *sulks*

Anyway, since it seems to be a day for funnies. You've most likely seen it, but I'm slow on the uptake:
"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Easter Egg from TTT: Gollum gets the MTV movie award.

Hellfire, part 4. In which some questions are answered )

Cookies if you know who the guest star is!
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There is little to no random thoughts today. Except maybe that I'm still mourning the fact that I can't sing to save my life. That's one of the reasons I love sailing - when it comes to a large group, one guitar, a fire and shanties, no one particularly cares if you keep the tune steady.

Especially when beer comes in.

Thank heavens for the people who invented Redd's, Freeq and other beerjuices. Finally I can get drunk on such occassions!

Okay, so I had random things to say. Lol.

Sense of humour mandatory. Saiyuki 1/2 )

Work in Progress )
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I wanted to  advertise [ profile] videlicit - good place to find weird/old/funny words of the day. ^___^ Fun stuff if you're into writing. Word of the day: smorgasbord.

Also, see who's going to be invaded next. *giggles*

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"Stop that bullshit. It won't save you. SHINE!!!" (Sanzo, to a random demon)

Apparently, he got tired of being the only celestial body in the vicinity. *shakes head*
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Die. (laughing) )

*snickers self to death*


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