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Since I'm home for the weekend, I picked up the paints and spent some time on the pretty pretty picture. :> It could go a lot of ways at this point...

Painting process )

Apparently someone made Pentecost a national holiday when I wasn't looking. I wish they'd stop dicking around with my religion. Far as I know Pentecost is always on a Sunday, so everyone who wishes to observe probably has the chance, the rest of us wants to be able to do our shopping, because for some people it might be a surprise when they arrive at the store and find it closed. YA RLY.

My birthday was moved to this weekend, by order of family council, on account of them going away next weekend. I got good food out of it, though no cake. :( Which is probably good for the state of my thighs. XD

Flooding so far hasn't affected me. This is good. On the down side, my back itches. Something is irritating my skin and I have no idea what. Could be the good ol' unpronounceable volcano in Island.

Lastly, I bought a new bra today, a mindboggling 70I. Yes, that is an "I". o.O Got to yell at mom for not wearing the right bra sizes (turns out she bought a 70G, or F, when she most often wore an 80D).
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... is so far quiet and rather unfinished. XD

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Yes, as you can see it's a tiny one (about A4), and the colour scheme is wacky. This is because if the moon painting has taught me anything is that I am not an underpainter. I might layer a million colours onto the same patch of canvas, but underpainting is not a skill. You'd think I would notice, seeing how I very rarely draft when writing, but clearly I need to hammer certain things home.

Heh, I have been called on not keeping to the original sketch - the age difference, though not intentional, is really hard to miss. XD As for whether it's less or more creepy that way, let's wait until I finish. I have also discovered that so far I think I prefer painting on canvas rather than a board. Canvas have a better feel to them, I find.

Oh, the mostly white surface in the background? That's the moon painting. You will notice how it's only barely visible - I have decided it lacked spirit and have therefore primed the canvas. I figure no use wasting a perfectly good canvas, so it's practically ready for when I have time: I am going to give a landscape a try. Either I punch a hole through it, or it will be awesome. I have the vaguest idea, too!

Oooh, [ profile] 7thnight_smut is open for requests! Yay! My favourite exchange. ^_____^ I have the vague inkling of an idea, I'll give it a couple of days, to make sure I won't micromanage via voodoo rituals, and then I'm totally submitting.
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I am starting to hate holidays. I'm not leaving for the summer camp until the beginning of August, and I neglected to organise anything for self in the meantime, so I'm stuck at home. Well not really, but right now I'm too lazy to bother. XD

I am reading instead, have managed to finish Nation (PTerry, as usual, is amazing), Day Watch (I love the books for the concept and the heartache, but the first person pov drives me nuts! Especially the first part. GAH. Bonus points for tying the 'verse to Christian mythology, I'm a sucker for that!) and am now reading Princess Bride. :)

Plus, there's the painting. :) It's not going fast or anything, sadly. :( Soon after the previous post I had a tiny accident and ended up with a pebble imbedded in my skull.* Fun times, let me tell you. I'm perfectly fine, no worries there, just, you know. An excuse to be a lazy bum. XD I managed to finish my second [ profile] 7thnight_smut assignment, so yay me! <3

edit: * um, I just realised how it might sound. Not in my skull, obviously, but my forehead. I fell off a bicycle. XD

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Okay! Painting time. ^____^ This is the summer, time is plentiful, so as I mentioned I am painting. And since I've plenty of time to spare (painting is best done in natural light, so considering my schedule I have several+ hours to spare) I will document the process.

painting process, post 1 )

Aaaand it is 8 pm, so not much daylight left, so I clean the brush (v. important - acrylics are only soluble in water once. :)


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