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Okay! B-day drabble #1, for [ profile] ravensilver, who wanted more of One Death to Go (see tag for previous parts. Dontcha just love the tags? *beams*).

*cough* Well, I meant to write drabbles. Ended up with ficlets. o.O Oh, well. All the more joy. ^______^

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Did you hear about this person who thought it would be a good idea to publish a Star Wars fanfic as a book on Amazon? And she's apparently a co-owner of a publishing company. She had heard about copyright, because she copyrighted the thing. *shakes head* The stupid, it burns.

*stretch* Can't get my muses to cooperate properly. And this essay is waiting to be written too.

This is so frustrating. I start off with an itty-bitty one-shot + half a dozen scenarios, and within a week I have ten backstories and a complete universe. In the meantime the main idea dematerialises, of course. >___< Or I get to involved with the backstory, which is what happened with the GW/SW thing. The downside here would be that I can't write the backstories just yet.

I shall cease and desist with the rambling now. A little more in terms of plot this time.

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Mar. 2nd, 2006 01:53 am
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*major yawn*

Finally finished this, and boy, what a pain it was!

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Assignment submitted (probably totally off the mark, but hey. I tried). No other till the 13th, which gives me about ten easy days. Still have about 7 episodes of the Simpsons 15 to go through. *grins*

Kat lend me Firefly DVDs. *is majorly in love*

For everyone who needs a good laugh.
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*glares at the prolific plot bunny*

Guest star appearance!

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edit: a bunch of icons.
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Finished my 1,000 ramblings on John 1. Funny stuff, overall. I've been stumped most of the time, and of course it's due tomorrow (that is, technically, today, but I'm counting tomorrows since the morning). Today I got back at 1, fell asleep at 2 and woke up at 8.

Then I sat down and compiled all of it into a comprehensible whole. I hope, at least. I'll have plenty of time to proofread it tomorrow. There's still the one due Tuesday, but since it can be bullet points and stuff, I'm not worried.

Randomly: my hair has evolved into something which I won't hesitate to call an unmanageable blob. I've taken to using scrunchies again, for no reason other than keeping the back of my head in order. The rest of it is poking my eyeballs. >___<

Am seriously considering a buzz-cut, even though that would mean having to go through the 'unamanageable blob' routine in half a year again. My hair growns fast.

*fingers crossed* Kat promised to ask her husband to lend me Firefly DVDs.

And, a ficlet. I'm finding this universe is fun to play with. It might keep popping up, from time to time. Maybe, one day, it will grow a plot. *grins*

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A little teaser for "One Death to Go", more specifically Duo's backstory. ^____^ It's becoming a habit, to write a snippet and then spin a Wufei&Duo backstroy out of it. *shakes head*

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Is anyone else having trouble with the new rich text applet, or is it just me? Or rather, does anyone else hate it with a passion?

*goes to sleep*
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I so need this out of my system. *growls* I'm beginning to think a crusade against plot bunnies wouldn't be such a bad thing. *le sigh* Rather ficletish, I don't expect more in terms of plot. Some ficlets, maybe. *goes to sleep*

I should mention that this was inspired by Merula and Joss Whedon. Thank you.

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I've been watching Angel recently. It's a cool show. I think I'm turning into a Joss Wheddon fangirl - Buffy I thought was good, Angel is very good, and Serenity was plain fantastic. *hearts* Need to get my hands of Firefly.

So yeah. A sort of tribute to at least one of the above. Starring Duo. Like, duh. And I'm really envisioning Heero doing the tall, dark and handsome whish/swoosh with the coat. ^____^

Sharp and pointy object are at hand. You connect the dots. )

Remind me to go to sleep early tonight. I know I should write... and not only IV, but I really need to sleep. *yawns*

And by the way - I know there are Buffy fans on my FList - can someone point me to some decent Angel fiction?


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