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Still watching Supernatural. It's fun. ^____^ Though I'm not quite sure there really is a need to resort to sledge hammers where punchlines are concerned, but hey. I loved the Reaper episode. It had a grim reaper, hurting!Dean (*dies of cute*) and Blue Oyster Cult playing in the background. Goodies! One of the main reasons I liked that episode was, of course, the Reaper, but also the distinct lack of "Enter The Current Allegory* for Our Screwed (sic!) Up Family Relations, Stage Left".

No smirking. *grins*

* cause they sure ain't metaphors anymore.

So. In the spirit of the season (knowledge of Rituale Romanum helpful, but hopefully not required):

Despite the Creepy Factor )
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Finished! OMG, I actually wrote something that has a plot! I am just so proud of myself. A little light on the romance side, but hey. We can't all be perfect. *grins*

Random thing: why so many Saiyuki fics have 'plutonic love'? It's running in the fandom, it seems. Is Sanzo that much like the sun, that he actually is radioactive?

The Rituale Romanum, part 5 )


Sep. 19th, 2005 12:47 am
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Now I know for sure why I never considered becoming a doctor. Had the nicest meeting with a friend who's just about to start her second year in medical school, and- Let me tell you, it's as bad as they say. Firstly, I'm not being in memorizing department. Oh sure, I can learn poems, definitions, formulas, even random pages of a book really quick (yay for my memory!), but I hate it. Just physically hate it. Memorizing is stupid. That's one.

Number two would be, I would thrown up if anyone tried showing me an actual arm of an actual person. Yes, the arm/leg/head alone. Skinned. Or cut in half (in case of the head).

Never, ever would consider med school.

The Rituale Romanum, part 4 )

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Hey, I might actually finish this one! *knocks on wood* They are cooperating, for once. And now I shall excuse myself and go to sleep. Goodnight!

The Rituale Romanum, part 3 )

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Well, I think I am happier with this fic now. I didn't get as far as with the previous version, but I'm quite happy with it. And yes, the guest star appearance is a poke for a certain someone. *grins*


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