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Catching up on SPN, at long last! Loving season six so far, not only because the boys are at their prettiest. :D Am only up to episode 4 (though have at least one major spoiler for the following five, be kind, peeps).

Spoilery thoughts )

That aside, again, I'm loving the season so far. And the opening to the Twi-hard episode? LOL!!
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Whenever someone asks me why do I think god (i.e. an omniscient being, for the purposes of this post) exists I say it's because the universe is too big of a cosmic joke not to have someone capable of comprehension to not be able to laugh at it. I mean, come on, what a complete waste would that be, eh?

Case in point, me, and Supernatural. Since the episode airs at what to me is stupid a.m. on Thursday night, I only start the dlling on Friday. Hour varies. Last week I was all set to get it and watch it, without delay. Of course, the download took 12 hours. This week, when I promised I shall wait for sister, and there it is, not an hour later, sitting reading and tempting in my movie file. Sigh.

So, Supernatural 4.16 )

In other news, I went to see Watchmen, and though I could have lived without the violence, WOAH. Awesomecakes. <3
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It's snowing! First snow of winter, yay! Well, not perhaps so much snow as a little slush that looks whiteish on cars and lawns, but it counts, cause I've seen it fall! ^_____^

In other news, a bus apparently toppled over in Breslau, where I study these days. No one was hurt, and I don't travel by bus much, so I'm not worried.


40,735 / 50,000 - 81% done!

I've sort of hit the wall. I typed the ending and there are still bits and pieces missing, but I'm struggling to fill them. Two important spaces that need to be connected and nary a clue... And 8 days left. Still, on the plus side, only 10k to go!

SPN 4.10 squee, OMFG )
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SPN squee, because I cannot help myself. XD

Episode 9 spoilers )

24,404 / 50,000 - 49% done!

NaNo is progressing. I might have to start typing up the ending first, to see where I need to get. I still wonder how much waffling do I need to do. XD
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Well, NaNo is off to a good start. I cheated a little and started last night, as soon as I got to the computer after midnight (which was about 1:20 am). But, I'm still well over the day quota, which is good.

Here's hoping SPN doesn't kill my NaNo too soon. XD

Woah, new SPN. <3 )

Also, sudden inspiration prompts me to go to Prague next weekend. It's a long weekend around here, Independence Day and all. Hm...
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I am never drinking again. XD

I went to this house party yesterday, got so wasted I do believe I actually puked in someone's kitchen sink - I'm pretty sure I cleaned it up, so I'm hoping they won't remember me with much gnashing of teeth or anything. Bottom line - I knew this much drinking wasn't fun. Why does anyone do it is beyond me.

Also, apparently I was supposed to be somewhere today at 8 am. Pfff. Fat chance of that happening.

Supernatural 04.06, woah, fantastic! )
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Technically I declare myself moved, though it's not so much moved in yet as sitting on a bed surfing the net to block the sounds of the rest of the apartment being made fit for human existence. There are so many complications, everything is leaking apparently. It's very confusing. At least the internet works. ^______^

Watched SPN "In The Beginning" and OMG )

All in all - so much love in that episode. Is it Friday yet?


Sep. 19th, 2008 08:40 pm
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Holy smokes! NEW SUPERNATURAL YAY!!! )

In conclusion, I can't wait for net Thursday. Or Friday, as the case may be.

PS - Wedge Antilles, ha, ha Dean. ^_____^
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I watched the SPN finale and have this to say:


I knew watching a single-episode season finale was a mistake, I just knew it. *whines*

That said. )



May. 10th, 2008 01:08 am
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I have no excuse. I was bored. I watched the season finale promo. It just begged to be done. XD evil!Dean )

Wow, that was an awesome episode. Freaky and scary and creepy as hell, but so appealing to my fangirl heart. ^_____^ SPN 3.16 spoilers )


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