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My god, Tumblr is a horrible, horrible place! *claws weakly*

Various arts, in order, something fiery, something funny, something in which Erik is a Disney Princess )

So I started watching Teen Wolf, I'm up to episode eight, and I have do ask: does Allison develop a personality? Anything? Ever? Because thus far she exists and that's the most you can say about her. You could replace her with a blowup doll and the emotional impact would be about the same. Everybody else is reasonably well-rounded! That, quite literally, everyone. The teachers. The vet. That guy we see for thirty seconds before he gets horribly murdered. The girlfriend though, she has the emotional range of a dying lobster. Sigh. It's even worse than Bella Swann in Twilight, she at least was a horrible person, topped the list of people I would never want to hang out with, ever, never contributed an opinion that wasn't "he was bee-ay-yuutiful" and she still has more personality. Can't they cut Allison's screen time and give it to Stiles instead? Or anybody, really - give it to Lydia, I like Lydia.

Don't let me get started on the "romance" part. It's laughable.

Finally, Stiles needs better friends, as he is awesome and Scott is a complete asshole.

Gravity Falls is very enjoyable. :)
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The Moomin madness continues! :D )

I'm getting better at the colour-thing. Yay! Head over to Tumblr, if you want to zoom in on some detail.


Sep. 6th, 2012 02:21 am
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Moomin valley )

[click for bigger version on Tumblr - I hope it works, Photobucket hates me today]

At this point I don't think I can even pretend I'm kidding.

Praise be to this wonderful fandom, where no AU is too weird. XD (This is the Moomins, in case someone was wondering.)

In the long tradition of blaming people for my insanity, this one goes to [personal profile] katikat. :D
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It turned out lately that my eyes aren't brown, like I thought all my life and jotted down in my papers when necessary. They are hazel, if that's what half murky green/half reddish brown is. Shocking! o.O

At first I doodled Moomins... )

Also available on my Tumblr.

I've seen a few movies this summer. In brief:

Prometheus was enabled by the protagonist deciding that having a PhD means they don't need their brains anymore. I paid for it twice and I don't regret a dime of that money though. Fassy snarked his way through and Noomi Rapace set a new standard in badassery. :D

Brave I'm ambivalent about. Loved the visuals, enjoyed the story, loved Queen Elinor, hated the dubbing, overall need to watch again.

Bourne Legacy I enjoyed in the cinema, then promptly forgot what was it about. It's repetitive, once you've seen the first three. As an added bonus, early on there is a clip which sister lovingly dubbed as "Watch Us Kill All Potential Characters Of Ethnic Origins."

I have also watched ~10 episodes of the Polish version of Don Mateo (in short, Catholic priest is bored, solves crimes, thereby frustrating police chief) and it's ridiculous to an insane degree, swathed in pink sugar frosting, but you can't stop watching.

Finally, cyclists should be financially responsible for the accidents they participate in if they were wearing headphones on the road. No exceptions.
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rating: worksafe

Petting your supervillain )

Omigosh, I actually did a decent background! o.O (reference was used, I’m nowhere near that good). In retrospect shading light surfaces is hard and Charles, amazingly, gets by on one wheel only. Good for you, Charles!

In my head this is the AU in which Erik is a firefighter and Charles is a university professor, who is out to teach his students that fire is dangerous. Together they have epic adventures in trolling!

Erik likes to sit on the floor, because that way his head is in petting reach of Charles and Erik loves having his head petted. :D

Also available on Tumblr, which I now have. Why is there an E missing from that name?

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Momentous news: I got myself a Tumblr. *hangs head* I'm ashamed. It is very nifty for posting pictures and series of pictures (and potentially sharing them, too) though. Tumblr available here: Glory to the Ponystate!.

I don't blog or spam much, so expect the occasional art update only. :>

I finished Snuff. It was... okay. I miss the times when Vetinari was a smug bastard and Vimes was floundering for answers like a fish in a barrel full of other fish looking for a chicken. I think it tried too hard, though it was worth just to get to the end and have Sybil mention that a dwarf and a troll have apparently shacked up together. :D
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Ha, so I had three hours off today and I went to see Prometheus (side note: weirdly enough, Chrome spellcheck includes Promethean, but not Prometheus) and hell, I loved it! It's absolutely lovely to watch (and I don't mean just Michael Fassbender, though he contributes a lot to the pretty), the script is simple, straightforward and doesn't fall into the dreadful "Supporting character #3, state your hobbies and familial relations, for the audience to gauge your chances of survival". Ugh, I hate that trope. Sure, the crew of the ship is apparently 17 in numbers (captions tell you so), and I can remember maybe six of those people, and even the I don't remember the names of the pilot and that other guy. It felt really nice and human, no show whatsoever. I know people complain that it doesn't really explain anything, but does it have to?

Here, let me spoil you: )

Bonus spoilers that I only now remembered. )

Can't remember anything else - suffice to say that a) forget you ever heard it's an Alien prequel, it's a totally different thing, with a few nods b) it's awesome. :D

Oh, and I got my diploma in biophysics. Well, passed the exam, for which I got a 5.0 (4.5 overall) on a scale of 2-5. WOOHOOO!


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