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Jun. 1st, 2013 01:11 pm
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[[um. Hi! I'm not dead. Not even a little bit! I'm mostly on Tumblr these days, and AO3]]

Aside from some odd bouts of "dude, gravity does not work like that," "...this is a spaceship, build to withstand pressure from the INSIDE, not OUTSIDE," "guys, in space if you can see the nearest flying object you are, oh, 5,000 klicks too close" and last but not least "levelling large inhabited areas gets old pretty fast" I really liked this movie. I thought it made more sense than the first one, and was altogether awesome. :D Benedict Cumberbatch was fantastic, I could listen to him for hours. Especially with the evil plots and such.

That being said, can we talk about how Jim Kirk shouldn't be in charge of a vessel bigger than a dinghy, and even then only when a more competent person is indisposed?
Spoilers ahoy. )
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Stephenie Meyer is, I think, very talented when it comes to burying her admittedly excellent ideas in sub-par prose and non-existent plot. I say this, because she frequently takes the trouble to present an alternative take on the same events which end up being more exciting and evoke more genuine emotion than the entire story. Case in point the ending of Twilight, where the antagonist reminisces about this other vampire who was in love with a human girl and, when the antagonist became too much of a threat, turned her to keep her safe (newborn vampires being stronger than older ones). All of this took place in a psychiatric hospital, where she was treated for having premonitions. The Host has much the same problem: after an hour and a half of the heroine being helpful and more human than humans and special, we get to find out that the reason the antagonist is so devout to chasing her that she starts evolving past what her species determines she should be, is that her own host is still there, still fighting, and she wants to know how to defeat her. In about five minutes of screen time there is more drama than the protagonist(s) had in the entire movie.

I'm not going to get into the whole romance, because bleh, and the movie is very painful to watch, on account of extremely horrible dialogue. Think of any scene between Anakin and Padme in Star Wars, and then multiply it by, oh, seventeen. There is also the lazy ending and drawn-out everything, but even that could be made bearable if the dialogue wasn't written for people who were going to read the script, not see the movie.

Lastly, the movie deserves an award: they managed to find pants which don't flatter Diana Krueger.

I wonder if I can make a fusion of it. :D
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Ha, so I had three hours off today and I went to see Prometheus (side note: weirdly enough, Chrome spellcheck includes Promethean, but not Prometheus) and hell, I loved it! It's absolutely lovely to watch (and I don't mean just Michael Fassbender, though he contributes a lot to the pretty), the script is simple, straightforward and doesn't fall into the dreadful "Supporting character #3, state your hobbies and familial relations, for the audience to gauge your chances of survival". Ugh, I hate that trope. Sure, the crew of the ship is apparently 17 in numbers (captions tell you so), and I can remember maybe six of those people, and even the I don't remember the names of the pilot and that other guy. It felt really nice and human, no show whatsoever. I know people complain that it doesn't really explain anything, but does it have to?

Here, let me spoil you: )

Bonus spoilers that I only now remembered. )

Can't remember anything else - suffice to say that a) forget you ever heard it's an Alien prequel, it's a totally different thing, with a few nods b) it's awesome. :D

Oh, and I got my diploma in biophysics. Well, passed the exam, for which I got a 5.0 (4.5 overall) on a scale of 2-5. WOOHOOO!
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I had a really good birthday, thank you all for the wishes! I want to say thanks especially to [ profile] kispexi2, [ profile] katikat and [ profile] orvida, for the gifts!

Yesterday I had school, so we (me and sisters) mostly curled up on the couch with drinks, and watched The Count of Monte Cristo. Today though we went off to Katowice (which is not far, but takes an hour by bus) to see Prince Caspian undubbed and ended up failing miserably at the undubbed part. Fortunately, the dubbing didn't suck that bad. It was bad, but watchable )

I can't wait for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's always been my favourite Narnia book. :) As sister pointed out today, it has Prince Caspian (it used to be Edmund and Lucy XD) and a ship. It's bound to be my favourite.
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So I have returned from the trip. And I was indeed hired. Two weeks in the beginning of July, then two weeks of break than two more. Different camps too. First is a kiddie magic camp, the other is an adventure camp. Might need to stock up on dirt for the second one. XD

Surprise is that I won't be going as support staff, as I expected, because I'm apparently too old. Downside is, I'm going to have to be responsible. Upside, I am getting paid. So it's okay, I guess.

The trip was kind of cool actually - I'll get some photos soon - we played paintball and lots of fun games, including sumo, jumping from shelves onto people and falling into a swamp. Which was pretty hilarious, all in all. XD Then I returned in the wee hours in the morning, stayed at Grandparents' house, went to school. I'm apparently the luckiest person on the planet - yesterday I got a B after looking at various copies for precisely 10 minutes, and today I got two As because I happened to look into a book right before we went in to take a test, and happened to pay attention to the exact problem that turned up on the test. People are starting to hate my guts, I fear.

Saw Indiana Jones the fourth. Have this to say: Shia LeBouf. The movie was very Mission to Mars, so, you know. Silly. But fun to watch. Mostly because of Shia LeBouf. XD

Saw Horton Hears a Who. It was very cute. <3 Yes, I had a lot of time in Gdansk, why do you ask? I also managed to buy a two-piece swimming suit, which is all kinds of yay, because buying pretty beach wear when you're a 32F is bloody hard, because there isn't any. So is buying anything to wear. Sigh.

Much thankyous to [ profile] orvida for the tiara! *huggles*
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The Friday strike - let's face it, it's pretty pointless. They don't care. There's not going to be a massive flood away from LJ, little will change for existing users and new ones will likely join anyway. The plus in the accounts doesn't make that much of a difference. I also have no plans to desert LJ in the foreseeable future either.

I went and saw Step Up 2 The Streets and have this to say: it's High School Musical, without the 'Disney made me!' excuse )
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The Promise is the mother of all bad movies. Except for Nicholas Tse, who was pretty, and psychopathic. He killed people with paper fans. Other than him though, the movie has nothing that makes it worth watching.

The Matador on the other hand, is funny without being embarrassing. It could use emphasis and punchline, but it's good.

Yes, I had a productive weekend, why do you ask? I went to Gdynia with Nasty Little Brat and we had quite a good time. We learned the recipe for a cool drink (Mohito! Rum, lime, mint, some water, tonic and cane sugar) and spent 24 hours on a train, in a span of four days. It was fun. ^___^

Okay! This is what I wanted to leave you with for the weekend, but I didn't manage to finish.

Hellfire, part 5. The end. )
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I've seen PotC: The Deadman's Chest.

Technically, I suppose it wasn't a bad movie, except for the melodramatic parts about Will and his parental unit. I liked the beginning, I liked the set-up and the three-way fight was way cool. Elisabeth was cool (you'd have to be an idiot not to realise she's a girl though), Will was cool (see, he can be taught sneakiness. And he's a terrific soprano :P), Jack Sparrow goes without saying. Norrington, I loved. <3 It's just that the whole thing seemed to lack *heart*. Of course, I know they just wanted to make a sequel to cash in, but...

So, yeah, go and see it, it's a fun way to spend two and a half hours. I will keep wishing they never made it, but it's fun to watch.

In other news, I finally caved in and bought the FF VII: AC DVD. I collapse in a laughing fit whenever I hear the dub (SEPHIROTH: Where did you find that strenght *hinthint*? This is how you talk when you learn English from porno movies, you know. CLOUD: Uh. KTHXBYE. Too much information!)

Told you I won't be a mere memory )

*goes off to gain some PotC icons*
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I actually have things to say today, go me!

I've finally seen DaVinci Code. It was enjoyable. Granted, I was cringing for about half an hour there (I swear, the dialogue was written by a mute and deaf person - come on, words have shapes and textures!), but once they got to Ian McKellen things got a lot smoother (both the dialogue and action). Remy = teh hot. Quite an interesting spin on things, apart from Sophie's ancestry thing. It felt like watching Dogma again, sans Matt Damon with a gun. Which is a pretty big thing, in my case. Speaking of guns, I've been trying to find out what gun is Magneto Teabing holding, and it looks a lot like Smith&Wesson's...

And I have read the book before, just for the record.

Also, todays I watched Saved!. Lookit, a teen flick I actually liked! "Please let it be cancer, please let it be cancer!" "I'm the father." "I'm the boyfriend!" "I'm his boyfriend. *points to the father*"

Though I admit Jesus freaks scare the crap out of me. x.X But the film is sweet and funny and fun. I recommend!

Japanese!Duo )

... a little something to cheer [ profile] regina_sama up. Sketchiness )

It's likely I'll forget tomorrow, so I'll make a note: as of Saturday I'm going on holiday, until the 15th. Yay for the ends of civilised world!


Jun. 11th, 2006 02:25 am
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I've seen The Omen today. It's good. Liev wasn't Gregory Peck, but overall I think they did a good job. Alright, maybe the fact that I knew what exactly was about to happen lessened the impact, but I enjoyed it. And even though I could spot several scenes imported from the '76 version direct (copy + paste!), there were also some surprising ones. The concrete bathroom. *shudders*

In other news, I started the [ profile] adopt_bunnies community. Please visit and drop any long-running plotbunnies, which don't seem to get out of your head but don't seem to attract the muses.


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