Oct. 24th, 2007 12:25 am
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Okay, added a whole new beginning to the chapter. What d'ya think?

ACB 18, version 02 )
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There is a reason I'm posting fics on LJ raw and unbetaed (usually). I'm hoping someone will tell me if something doesn't work. ~_____^

I ended up not using the ending I had written around chapter eight. It didn't fit. I'm hoping you like this one! Less action more cute. And lookit, I didn't kill anyone else!

Ain't Coming Back, part 18 + epilogue )
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I like Wednesdays. Wednesdays are wonderfully lazy.

Ficcy: And so, the cliffie from chapter 16 is resolved. ^______^ This, I think, will only have one more chapter. I have a good idea how and why, just need to reason it out properly. Yay, almost finished!

Ain't Coming Back, part 17 )
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Word to the wise: if you encounter a puddle 12 inches deep, do not drive through it. Engine + water = hardware error.

We watched the Firefly episode "Out of Gas" yesterday, and I am once again suffering from the "who in their right mind made the decision to cancel this" syndrome. To better my mood, and to celebrate Saiyuki #6 finally being released, I set to work on ACB. I thought this part would be shorter than usual, but it turned out it's not. Or at least not much shorter. *grins* You'll see why I wanted to end this chapter where I did.

Ain't Coming Back, part 16 )
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This went quick. ^_______^ Bless the people who invented Freeq and Redd's.

Ain't Coming Back, part 15 )
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*hides* Please don't hurt me.

Ain't Coming Back, part 14 )
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I'm still not sure about the ending of this chapter. It seems too fuzzy. But anyway. I finally did something to push the story forward, yay!

Ain't Coming Back, part 13 )

eta: I think that I finally got the LiveJournal IM to work. So, if anyone also managed, you probably know better than me what to do. ;P
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XD This chapter is a smidge longer than I expected it to be. And everyone talks. I fail.

Ain't Coming Back, part 12 )
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Done with the evil that is the dentist for a while. Wheeee! I hate my teeth with a passion.

Ain't Coming Back, part 11 )

Fess up - who didn't see him coming? Next chapter: more snark.
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I cut my hair. It's been what, two years? And my hair grows rather fast. It's now about shoulder-length, most of it, and annoying as hell. But looks okay. Am contemplating dyeing it black/blue. Just for kicks. :P

Something of a deus ex machina in this part, but for a good cause!

Ain't Coming Back, part 10 )

You can see where this is going, can't you?


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