Sep. 16th, 2007 11:05 pm
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We visited dad's old school friend, who moved to the US twelve years ago and is now visiting with his wife and kids. It's funny, but when I was in the UK a couple of people told me I have an American accent, and now they told me it was British. I guess I have to camp in the middle of the Atlantic then?

This is, I think, the second to last chapter. And it's more of an interlude, so you can skip it. But I don't think you want to, cause this is the good part. Sort of. *grins*

No Time Like Now, part 6 )


Sep. 15th, 2007 10:50 pm
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*grins* Re-reading Dragon Ball for the upteenth time makes for some good times.

No Time Like Now, part 5 )
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I got my hair cut. It's now barely covering my ears, and looks surprisingly good. ^_____^ Yay!

Had a surreal moment today: I went to a doctor because I needed a piece of paper saying I'm healthy (ha!) and she asked me how did I do in England. I went "bzuh?" Then I remembered the doctor is friends with out acquaintances and we were on holiday together once. *facepalm*

The reason I needed the paper was because I applied for a theology course. That's right, I'm gonna be studying theology, if all goes according to plan. I make myself laugh so hard, sometimes. XD

Not Crack (working title), part 4 )
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There's gonna be general election ahead of schedule around here. Finally they decided to cut this farce short and let us make the same mistakes and choose an almost exact same set of clows to govern us. Oh well. The important thing is, we have the choice.

... it's overrated.

Remember kids: bribing is morally wrong. So is taking bribes. Just say no.

That said, this partlet is for [ profile] silver_677, who gave me a sneak-peek at the awesome ficcy she wrote. ^______^ Also, I need a title. Anyone's got ideas?

Not-crack, part 3 )

eta: what do I do with AIM? Poke randomly to see if people are on? *ish puzzled* This could take years!
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Bourne Ultimatum = WIN. The one reservation I have is that the camera man could maybe take of his rollerskates or learn to use them, because my eyes kind of hurt. Other than that OMG SO MUCH WIN. For all three movies. Me lurves. Muchly. "We'd be having this conversation face to face." I wuv this guy. Which reminds me, I might have to track down more Ludlum novels. I read The Ambler Warning recently, and it was fun.

Saw shiny trailer for Stardust, ooooh. Must see the shiny! Give me shiny! Mum looked weird when she saw Robert de Niro in a fantasy movie, but meh. Other movies to see include The Golden Compass (daemons FTW), Dark is Rising (though I suspect it doth sucketh muchly). Possibly something else, though I can't remember at the moment.

The Not-Crack, part 2 )

I liiiive!

Aug. 7th, 2007 12:42 am
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I'm back! With a cold! But I'm getting better! And I will quit using exclamation marks now.

Saw Simpsons the Movie. Am quite ambivalent about it. On one hand, I really enjoyed it, it was funny and all you could ask from the Simpsons. On the other... The general feel was quite removed from the usual TV episodes. Still time well spent.

The moment I almost squealed though was when I saw the Dark is Rising trailer. I had no idea they were making a movie! Downside is, it didn't look like the book much. I also saw The Golden Compass trailer recently, and that made me squeal. It looks really, really shiny. Also, apparently they filmed bits of Prince Caspian in Poland. I'm quite curious about that movie too!

Saw the new Harry Potter movie, but am withholding comments until I see the original version. The dubbing Did Not Help. At All.

Randomly: I laughed when we worked out that Zac Efron was in Firefly.

More of the not-quite-crack!fic )
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Pictures coming in a minute. ^_______^

ETA: anyone who is into Final Fantasy VII, could you read and comment on this? It's short - 460 words. Sister finally is coming out of her no-intrahwebs shell. I think it's quite good, and with some polishing and a word of encouragement she'll grow up to join the ranks of pervy fangirls. :D

For EoS, because she fed the bunny. Blame her. XD )


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